Accepted Edits – The Pre Season Mash-up Edition


Another week (or maybe two) has wizzed by in our busy lives as adults who enjoy boarding, and with it came a bunch of videos we watched and didn’t hate. If you like snowboarding, you might like them too.

It’s a Canadian extravaganza, begining with a half-length movie full of inside jokes and some solid manuevers.

Edited by : Dawson McLachlan

Featuring Mark Goodall, Chris Fellner, Cooper Dykeman, Dawson McLachlan, Quin Ellul & Daniel Glibota

Pink Floyd – Pigs
Kodak Black – My Wrist
6 Dogs – No Savage
Cousin Stizz – Headlock

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Proof that you can make an early season without the use of tubes. 

 This video was filmed outside Kelowna B.C. by the same boarders that are in it. Featuring: Aiden Hryciw, Mat Wanbon, Corey Kowalski, Dan Pandzic, Pat Hrivnak, Brayden Kirby, Seb Judge and Mike Rowan. The oven has been preheated, let’s get baked.

Song: Fuzz – Let It Live

If you can make it through three minutes of bullshit about living in a van, there are definitlely some shots worth watching in here from Boreal DAY UNO. 


Ahh Okemo. Despite the cold and eastern ice, it’s always soft and cuddly like kitties.

Riders: Josh Barr Joe Gould Randall Reynolds John Garoutte 
Music: Will Steller

More Canadians, taking corrugated tubes to the next level. 

Pre season boardn with Geremy G, Bryce Bugera, Tommy Van, Aiden Hyrciw, Mathew Wonbon & Malcom Eppinger

Filming/Editing – Liam Hall

Meanwhile, in the land where the season never begins or ends, flips to rail seem to be the new indoor standard.

Event was hosted by Bart Falhaber, video by Kasper de Zoete – results HERE
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