Love/Hate: Gian Marco Maiocco

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In the global language of snowboarding, one thing needs no translation. Dudes who FUCKING SEND IT will always make a splash. Every local scene has at least one, and in Northern Italy, the guy making a name for himself globally is Gian Marco Maiocco. But he’s not just sending it off stupid cliffs to flat for fun – he’s also filming himself, editing himself, competing, teaching lessons and hitting the socials to keep his sponsors as happy as he can. Above you’ll find his season recap video. And because deep down, we believe snowboarders are more than just stunt monkeys, we set out to find out more about this tuttofare.

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Photos via FACEBOOK. Thanks Zuckerberg!

Video editing 
Love: do whatever I like, choose the Song, typeof editing and everything around, actually.
Hate: When the program isn’t working properly, even if it’s just slow!

Love: Carbonara
Hate: overcooked pasta

Methods are in his wheelhouse. Photo: Simone Spoltore

Teaching Snowboarding
Love: when they are glad
Hate: when they don’t listen to me

Love: when the run/trick works out
Hate: not to be able to do what you wanted

Love: getting home satisfied
Hate: getting kicked out from a spot.

Sunkissed by summer.

Flat landings
Love: nothing
Hate: when I’m not able to stomp

Social media
Love: see easily all the snowboad stuffs
Hate: the personal Facebook page, too difficult to treat right now

Some people will only jump off things in to powder. Photo: Daniele Dadino Colturi

Love: taste It in good company ahah
Hate: drink it too much, can be heavy ahah

Love: them all…
Hate: when they take a selfie better than mine in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Easy. Photo Migi/WeMind

Follow the Italian Stallion on INSTA | FACEBOOK

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  1. JP
    JP says:

    I’m assuming he pixelated the logo on that rail at 2:40 because it conflicted with one of his sponsors? What is this, the Olympics?

    • Stealing????
      Stealing???? says:

      The blurred logo is a logo of a snowboarding camp in Les 2 Alpes. Gian works for an other camp. But the filmer who shot this shot works for the blurred logo camp. Funny.

  2. italians suck
    italians suck says:

    i just know this guy from his random spam follows on instagram, he followed and unfollowed me like 7 times then i blocked him because he seems like a douche

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