Last Weekend, Whenever: Rust – A Killington Opening Video


Stunts: Jake Fournier, Maggie Leon, Evan Bloch, Savannah Shinske, Chris Depaula, and Joey Leon

Words by Joey Leon

The official status of KMR, as of Nov 15, 2017.

Killington finally opened for the 17/18 season on November 9, so we got up there by 8 am! At least we meant to. In actuality, we woke up around 10 and devoted a couple hours to shenanigans before actually heading up to the mountain. It took us some time to put our on boots and get up to the lift, which put us at about 12:30 by the time we were riding. Close enough.

Jake Fournier, Savannah Shinske and myself were there in hopes of getting some clips of ourselves, and we just happened to meet up with a bunch of other people we hadn’t seen in a while, which definitely added to the hype. It was also our first time using a new lens, which made for extra nervous energy about getting a lens hit. After a day of mostly slipping off and falling, we headed home – which involved a hike up the stairs to the top of the K1. This took a lot more effort than any of us were ready for.

We decided to stop for a spliff break, but right behind us was mountain ambassador (aka the fun police), who told us to keep walking. In that short time frame, our hands got so cold that we had to go into the lodge before heading back down the gondola.

In one final move of first-day-of-the-season grace, Savannah fell walking up the stairs from the lodge. We all laughed, and she almost got a shinner. After a relatively non-eventful ride back down the K1 gondola, we had to stop at Darkside (as always) because I broke my edge. Classic.

The night was pretty mellow and we actually all ended up just studying after riding. It was lit.– Joey Leon

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