Love/Hate: Max Lyons

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The lankiest mofo we know takes it to the streetz. Wanna read his mind? Here ya go —

Being tall:
Love: Reaching the top shelf, dunking a basketball, takes less steps to get places, ladies like length.
Hate: Everything I do looks smaller, falling hurts more.

Frontside tricks on a skateboard:
Love: They look cool as hell
Hate: The fact that I can’t actually do them.

Street stunts. Photo: Itspat

Southern Vermont:
Love: Carinthia; my dogs
Hate: Graduating 8th grade with 4 people; rednecks; hippies; bad internet.

Girls with shorter hair than you:
Love: Giving them advice on how to properly condition/shampoo; girls who rock the short hair with wire frame glasses sweaters, and high waisted jeans
Hate: I make bad jokes about the hair and they get offended a lot of the time

Jerry Tucker
Love: Everything; he’s the ultimate man and a goddamn American hero
Hate: He hasn’t accepted any of my courtship requests

Max goes frontside. Photo: Thrashley 

Spicy Memes
Love: The ever-changing construct of social commentary through the use of relevant funnybois; they make life worth living.
Hate: There aren’t enough of them; people who think Minions memes are dank.

Carinthia Parks
Love: Best parks by far, park crew is tight as hell, Dev kills it with the edits, Benny is a G.
Hate: Not enough flat boxes; loooooots of tall-t skiers; those groups of older people who come into the park and act like the park riders are in the wrong; The douche bag who took my backpack with my wallet and keys in it yesterday.

Love: It’s healthy, which is neat, I guess.
Hate: How it tastes; the people that eat it; those stupid ‘eat more kale’ bumper stickers.

Love: Art is cool; It lets you look at things from different perspectives; creative expression.
Hate: It’s expensive; I’m too broke to shoot film; Peter Cirilli shoots photos, which brings the medium down on the coolness factor

Love: Bahstahn sports; Tom Brady; big men attacking each other in manly ways; winning.
Hate: Any New York team, losing

It’s good! 

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