Five Snowboard Stunts That Made Stu Say SORAY! – Summer 2017

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Many years ago now, a scrawny Scotsman named Stu Innes jigged his way into our inbox. His legs were too small for his body and his tricks were sloppy. Oh yeah, he rode exclusively on dry slope, too. For years we amused ourselves by ignoring/rejecting his edits, but wouldn’t ya know puberty hit, he kept trying, and eventually he filmed the first urban carpet boarding edit the world had ever seen.

In this crazy futureworld that is 2017, Stu is teaching others to ride on real snow/mountains in Austria and he watches snowboarding videos with a zealousness the Pope could only pray for, so we here at Yobeat decided to tap that red-dreadhead of knowledge to bring you a mash up of the craziest shit to go down on two edges in recent history. Before the glaciers get too buried pow, here are Stu’s favorite maneuvers of Summer 2017!

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Danny McCormick’s snowskate boardslide to ¼ pipe backflip

Scottish Rider Danny McCormick is a local legend in the UK, always doing crazy and creative stuff so it’s no surprise he made it onto a TOP 5 Different Tricks of summer list of mine. The real question was with which trick, the 360 tail whip (can I call it that without sounding like a scooter kid?), his redirect to multiple transfers, or any of the other ludicrous things he did at the Bearsden Dryslope this summer? They’re all outrageous. But for me the real standout was this stunt. I use the word stunt because even though he’s strapped into a snowboard he lands on a snowskate, rides the entire landing of a dryslope jump into a ¼ pipe and then does a backflip. Is that even snowboarding?

Marcus Kleveland’s cab 2 cork 6


Two more shots from yesterday!🌴☀️ video: @sondrehylland | #PressPlay #Australia #Snowboarding

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No surprise that Kleveland made the list, however I’m stoked it was for a rail trick. I’ve been saying for ages that it was just a matter of time till Marcus learned to do his insane butters on and off rails, so I was super hyped when I saw that Marcus had been inspired by Ryan Paul and taken it a step further and done a Cab 2 Cork 6.

Clemens Millauer’s front dub 10 off a donkey

I’ve been waiting all year to see this stunt after Clemens tried it in the Summer of 2016. It’s a double cork 10 off a donkey. I don’t think that I really need to write anymore other than telling everyone to go watch his summer mixtape, full of other possible NBD’s such as the cab 1 tailpress back 5 on a rainbow. Maybe I should put a #SPINtoWIN notice but I guess this whole article needs one of those.

Rob Roethler’s Cab 2 pret-swap-pret 2

This trick sums up everything I want this column to be about: a rider I hardly knew before, doing a super tech rail combo I’ve spent ages trying! And it looks smooth as butter. This particular trick has a bit of a history for me so I was super hyped to see it done perfectly on a legit rail. After seeing some old footage of my friend Lara doing this trick on a box I made a bet last summer that I could land this trick to my friend Jake’s satisfaction by the end of summer. On a legit rail and without zeaching. Long story short, I lost but Rob definitely could have won.

Reid Smith’s Handplant pretzel


fakie 🎥: @luke.winkelmann

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I don’t normally enjoy watching pipe videos, but this was insane. Reid please explain how you generate the pretzel out of that handplant?

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