Love/Hate: Jack Herald

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Some kids just have it. And whatever it is, Jack Herald is one of em.  With roots in New Hampshire/Boston, a pedigree from Park City, and sponsors who encourage him to fucking kill it every day — he’s already going places at the tender age of old enough. If you enjoy the highest level of snowboard trickery, and don’t care about production value, then we think you’ll really enjoy this impressively long instagram reedit of his footage from last year. And if you wanna know more about Jack as a human, read on!

If you just want to scroll forever, follow jack @blobyjack

Loving it so much it should be an ad for McDonalds

Salt Lake City 
Love: 30 minutes from Brighton and PC.
Hate: Smog, 3.2% beer, Almost all of downtown is skate stopped

Patriots Fans: 
Chris Grenier and Jack Griffin.
Hate: Deflate gate nonsense

Love: Can find some diamonds in the rough.
Hate: A lot of rough

Gapping the channel at The Launch 2017

New Hampshire:
Love: 525 East, Last Call.
Hate: Not too many pow days

Fashion in Snowboarding:
: Vintage resellers.
Hate: Trends

Love: Learn tricks, skate everything.

Snowboard Contests:
Love: Good motivation to chuck carcass.
Hate: They’re often pay to play.

A meme that Jack likes.

: Some dank memes.
: Seeing the same meme on 5 different pages.

Skateboard video games:
Love: Skate 3 double cork tracks.
Hate: Where is Skate 4???

Love: Mammoth, Bear, Beach lounging.
Hate: Getting demolished trying to surf.


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