#AcceptedEdits – Ben Smith, TikutGANG, Phineas & Ferb and Ruka’s First Snow


Here at Yobeat, we’ve always believed in diversity and like the rest of life, snowboarding is full of it. Whether you like to drop pillow lines or do lines of blow, as long as you have fun while you ride a snowboard, you’re cool with us. So while, we may personally be older, wiser and more interested in making people feel good than bad these days, there’s one thing that’ll never change – our extremely loose minimum standards on editing, filming and actually riding a snowboard! So RIP #RejectedEdits and hello #AcceptedEdits!

Dawg Dayz – Preseason (Vol 1)

Dawg, dog, daaaag. The Zeach Dawgs brought their own party to Stevens Pass and here’s all the info they provided.

Riders: Nicco Gavosto, Derek Fenimore, Cooper Martin, Elijah Schumacker, Josiah Campbell, And Jack Newell Filmers: Derek Fenimore, Josiah Campbell, and Cooper Martin Music in order of appearance: Gucci Mane – Members Only Dick Dal – Misirlou Electrice Light Orchestra – Evil Women

Ben Smith 17/18 – For the Squids

Canadians are the best – Ben Smith is no exception. And if you’re into sneaky spots and hidden gems, this is the video for you. Filmed, edited and boarded in by Ben himself.

TikutGANG’s MIX TAPE 2.0 Teaser

In Scandinavia-land “For Snowboarders, by Snowboarders” is still something that needs to be stated — because people who don’t snowboard make a lot of snowboard movies there (crying face emoji.) Anyway… Tikut Gang is sent us the teaser for its 6th flick, Mixtape 2.0 and it’s worthy of many varrying emojis of excitement.


Follow: @tikut_gang

Ruka First Snow

Yes this an ad for Ruka Ski Resort in Finland. And it’s working, because now we want to go there.

Film by Petrus Koskinen
Snowboarding by Rene Rinnekangas, Mr. Brownie, Anton Kiiski, Axel Thelen & Nooa Risku

Song: Nick Waterhouse – LA Turnaround


Jonathan Penfield 2017


All backcountry aerial images self-shot with DJI Mavic. Long lens shots by Pat Skinner. POV footage on GoPro session. Sled cameo Johnno Doherty

“Might be the first semi pro big mountain edit I don’t hate.” – Jerm.

Want us to watch your edit and maybe even post it? Email it to us. We’d put the address here to make it easy, but if you’re actually motivated, we’re sure you’ll figure it out.

  • Minnesota Nice

    Fuck ChecktheFooty!

  • myth busted

    nowhere is everyone nice.

    now, onto the edits

    1st. looks like a group of friends having a fun time. would easily be rejected by a sober yobeat.

    2nd. apparently zeal’s are you even spons’d bro requirements are being able to land 5-15 foot drops in over a foot of powder

    3rd. is a teaser. meh.

    4th. is a “commercial” for ruka that has the best tricks out of all the edits.

    5th. if you include shots of the swatch big mountain free ride tour, are you really semi-pro? Or are pickins just that slim? Or does that dude know someone? Wgaf.


    Idk they all sucked