Love/Hate: Tyler Morton

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Filming: Sean Fithian, Mark Rainery, Andrew Schummer
Edit: Andrew Schummer

Every year – riders flock to SLC to become pro boarders. What they usually find is that they aren’t ACTUALLY that good at snowboarding and whatever gimmick they were banking on in the Midwest stopped being “cool” a few years back. But for those fortunate enough to be born in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains – the actual snowboard skills are the easy part – and Tyler Morton is a prime example of what growing up in the middle of the world’s best snow-mountains-sweet-pro combo, can do. Now he’s hit the “big time” with sponsored trips to global destinations and  nearby powder-meccas. In the off season, he surveys land to make maps and pay his bills, in the pre season he organizes Snowboarding/Lumberlack events in Utah, and he also maintains a adult relationship. All in a year’s work, really.

If you just wanna drool over powder, hate other people’s ideas, you can click play above. But if you wanna know his opinions on things he experiences in his day-to-day boarding, read on!

Photos lifted from Facebook.

Pillow lines

Love: Dropping and not stopping
Hate: Falling in between the pillows

Love: Quick access to zones
Hate: Slednecks, getting stuck and breaking down

Cooke City
Love: Terrain
Hate: Montana Nosebleed (a beer, whiskey, tobasco, raw egg, menthol chew concoction)

Ja-POW! Photo: Homeschool Snowboarding

The Northwest
Love: Culture and deep snowpack
Hate: Rain

Love: Wide open spaces and mountains
Hate: Sub-zero temperatures

Being Sponsored
Love: Sense of appreciation for the work I put in
Hate: “You spons’d bro?”

Perks. Photo: Ian Wood

Love: Fun exercise that ends with snowboarding
Hate: Sticky skins

Car Camping
Love: Cheap rent
Hate: Smelly car

The Sustainability Movement
Love: That it’s a movement people seem to be excited about
Hate: Leaders who are not committed to the movement

Photo: Google image search

Love: Seeing better
Hate: Putting them in

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  1. Well Deserved
    Well Deserved says:

    Tyler is a super down to earth, humble, great human being and snowboarder. Much respect for the new wave of pros like this cat.

  2. the midwest
    the midwest says:

    are you aware of the large amount of pro boarders who have come from the midwest? sure there’s a good amount of ones who moved and didn’t make it, but that goes for anywhere… don’t be such an asshole

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