Three Months Later: Blackcomb Ender – the Video

Today on Yobeat Jeopardy, the category is “Edits that were submitted three months after they were made.”

We’ll take that one for $200, Alex.

::Trebek voice:: With a glacier that’s receeding but not yet gone, these North American snowboarders had all the fun last summer on the Blackcomb Glacier.


Who are Bensen Frapiccini, Tim Otten, Steve Cox, Zack Fontaine, Chase Baines, Mike Beaulieu, Tim Crighton, Derek Livingston, Mikey Ciccarelli, Ryan Manning and Cody Shepherd?

::TREBEK:: Correct! You really know your Canadians! And I should note Cody Shepherd put this edit together as well as riding in it.

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