A Quickie with Madison Blackley and Taylor Elliot

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The latest installment from Jess Kimura’s The Uninvited features Taylor and Kendall Elliot and Madison Blackley. These babes have shared a lot more than a part over the years – beds, cars, winches, sushi, tears, laughs, and maybe more… but all sexual innuendos aside, instead of us asking them the same old bullshit questions, we decided to have Madison do it for us.

Madison: How old are you and where have you spent the last few years snowboarding and filming?

Taylor: I’m 23 and I’ve been based out of Truckee, California for the last 4 years

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Tell us about when you first moved out of your parents house and decided to spend the summer in hood?

Haha. Somehow you convinced my sisters and I it’d be a good idea to move to Hood for the summer when we were 17 with no money. It was a hell of a time, I honestly don’t think I snowboarded more than 6 days all summer. We lived off of free kashi cereal from Amy Mayernick and eventually Kevin at the Taco Shoppe gave us a job. It came to an end with the three of us in the back of a cop car together on our way to juvie because we tried to sneak into Matty MO’s dance party at the Rat through the cafe upstairs.

You guys were pretty easily persuaded. Who is supporting you and your snowboarding endeavors currently? People? Companies?

Right now my biggest supporters are my family, Brandon, Jess, and all my friends! This upcoming winter I’ll be teaming up with Nikita, Deeluxe, and cruising a Capita board!

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Best and worst moment of filming the past couple years?

Best moment is hard to say, I had a lot of fun last year. Japan was sick and Tahoe was a dream with all the snow we got. Worst moment… shit who knows, I’m sure there were a few can’t remember though.

What can we expect from you in the future, any plans or projects?

I plan on filming for the Uninvited movie, and riding pow with the powanoia babes. Let the good times roll!

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