Copper Construct – Escaping the Matrix with Jade Phelan


The modern matrix can be scary place, and when it glitches, we can end up with some seriously shitty real world consequences. But when you put your phone down long enough to snowboard – or better yet – when you don’t have service at all, none of that bullshit matters. In honor of that fun fact, we present Jade Phelan’s 2017/18 edit from Copper Mountain as a reminder that when everything is going wrong, everything is still very right when you’re out riding with friends.

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  • Nice.


  • mirror mirror

    it’s elevated perspective YUH

    • facepalm. thanks. Way better name, too.

  • RippingCORipper

    Way to put out that mediocre shit. Probably should have tried every trick again. But not so KOOOKY. I get it. You live in Colorado and you’re not good at snowboarding. But, go ahead and film yourself to show off the video to impress you’re grandparents. That’s exactly what snowboarding needs right now. I bet he is really sick on a scooter at the new Breckenridge park. Pink hat wearing faggot. Also, killing yourself would be a good solution to the population to the world. #naturalselection

  • natural selection

    when he was 5 he shit a diamond that saved his family’s ranch… mark carter..

  • ParkCity#1Intheworld

    How can you disrespect Mark Carter? That dude is the best at going elbow deep in a cow’s asshole. I bet you’re not “Man Enough” to experience the life of a snowboarder like him, that enjoys the cold mornings in the Jackson Hole backcountry. With the Guch. To getting back to the ranch, and reap the beniferts of those stinky fingers in those warm and steaming buttholes of the animals he loves so much. #Smellmyfinger

  • beats me

    this dude seriously fucking killed it. balls. like not to name names and shit cough I am kind of a big deal cough that was sarcasm cough but you don’t see Tim eddy throwing double backies on that jump when the circus is in town