A Quickie with Ivika Jürgenson

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If it seems like this site is turning European, never fear. It just happens that most of the Americans we know are still camping or skating or surfing or pimping out their travel trailers, etc right now. But in Euroland – the stoke is real and the content is flowing and when Ivika’s edit hit the netwaves this week, we decided another quickie was in order. So read on to learn more about this Estonian estrogen factory.

All photos: Tim Schirphorst

Who are you, how long have you been snowboarding and how did you get into it, who gives you gear?

I’m Ivika Jürgenson. I’m originally from Estonia but I live in the Netherlands at the moment. I got into snowboarding at age of 12 because of my dad. We used to go skiing a couple of times a winter at our local ski resort, which by the way is only 900 feet high. One time my dad suggested that we should try snowboarding instead of skiing. Nobody ever skied in my family after that! I only got to start snowboarding more after graduating from high school.

I get my gear from Dinosaurs Will Die, Union and Vans.

Tell me more about your part- which was the hardest shot to get, which was the easiest?

What was the hardest to get was finding a filmer haha. I was constantly struggling with that!!! If any filmers read this, DM me on IG! But to answer your question… I think the hardest one was a clip that I ended up not using. It was a rail to wall spot close to SLC. You could see it in the teaser tho! We put so much effort into building the spot! Huge thanks to Alexa, Jake, Kaleah and Jess for that!!! The snow was melting and heavy. We had to make a pretty long run in, which was in a tunnel. So getting all the snow there was really complicated. The landing was pretty much on the rocks as well, so we had to fill it in with a lot of snow. In the end I did get a shot there but I decided not to use it. I left out a bunch of shots from the edit. I don’t think that people wanna see every single spot that was done. I wanted to keep it short and make people watch the whole part, 1:46 is already too long for our IG short attention span era.

The easiest one… I don’t really know, probably the 5-O.

Is “dome” a sexual innuendo in Holland too, and if so, how annoying are the jokes about it for you?

I don’t think so. I mean they speak Dutch here, even if they make some jokes about it I wouldn’t be able to understand them.

How did you come to be part of Jess’s project?

I was uninvited.

I saw Tim “Shithorse” filmed some of your clips- got any good stories about him? Can we expect any other secret bangers in the new Postland movie, Loose?

Yeah, he helped me a lot with filming! We went to Finland for a week in January and to Quebec in the beginning of April. I filmed some of the clips that I’m the most stoked about with him, including my ender. I like filming with him, he always has some good ideas about the spots or tricks that I should do. He definitely pushes me to do better. No secret bangers in his movie tho.

What are your plans for this season?

I’m planning on continuing filming for The Uninvited. Getting really excited about it actually!

Follow Ivika on IG @ivikajuergenson and the Uninvited project @the__uninvited

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