Olympic Halfpipe Pipe Training Session with the Swiss Snowboard Team


While our desire to go the upcoming Olympics – taking place next to a place that’s threatening to start a nuclear war – is slim, the chance to play the Lick the Cat Drinking game from the comfort of our couch while NBC seamlessly shows a live stream* of everything we care about sounds pretty alright! And that’s not all! In fact for our money, the best part about snowboarding being in the Olympics is resorts such as Saas Fee have dumped serious loot into building a superpipe, and we all get to enjoy videos such as this one from DVP of the Swiss team “training.”

Featuring: Pat Burgener, David Habluetzel and Iouri Podladchikov.

Videography by: Marco Morandi

Music by: Lana del Rey “Blue Eyes”

*wishful thinking.

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    Yeah it’s a Samsung

  • Bust a nut

    we have come to this
    VG style edits with samsung boards ..is there anything to complain about?
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  • Nascar Snowboarding

    There’s a reason no core companies want to sponsor these robots. I’ll stick with Ben Ferguson and Danny Davis…

    • Right, it’s the fact they won’t ride a board for free because they are actually media superstars. Samsung enables them to be pipe robots and since that’s what they’re trying to do, that’s actually cool. #realityisreality

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