The Bonezone Brighton – The Soft Opening 2017 with Wormlyfe x Beer Savage and Friends


When the Bone Zone first opens for the season IN SEPTEMBER, with a TWO FOOT early season dump, and you’re sitting in Big Bear, where it’s still hot as hell, there’s only one thing to do. Our bags were packed, boards waxed, and cameras charged, all on a moment’s notice. We weren’t missing this.

Less than three hours after the first Bone Zone instagram post on September 24, 2017, Brandon had not only convinced me to go, he’d convinced Bennett to go, who had convinced Kevin aka Wormlyfe Films to go. This was it. We had the dream team lined up, all eyes were on Salt Lake, and we just ran with it. With an 11PM start time from Big Bear, we blasted up the I-15 all night, pulling into Salt Lake and eventually Brighton the following morning.

Stoke levels were peaking as we pulled into the parking lot, glancing around at all angles of the snow-caked mountain to get a glimpse of the famed DIY park. Gallagher, eager to ride, pointed our crew in the direction of the Bone Zone’s mid-winter home, a lightly wooded section of Power Alley about half-way up the main face of Brighton. This was a tragic misstep, and the beginning of a long and arduous hike to nothing. Three hours of searching along the main face, trudging through shin-deep melting snow in the full Utah sun, resulted in us eventually just turning around, strapping up, and riding back to the car. Utter defeat. Where was the zone? Had they taken it down already? Hidden it from all but themselves in some random nook of the forest? Whatever the case, it was nowhere to be seen, and our team was losing hope fast. We decided to regather our thoughts over a hearty road soda or two, so we all headed back to the car. Lo and behold, as we rolled over the last hill towards the parking lot, there it was. Hidden in the trees, a DIY park became visible. We could just make out a group of riders, one unstrapping, the rest gathered around a camera watching a clip. We had found it – right in front of our car the whole time.

So with half a day down the drain, we hit the Zone. Loaded with beers and shovels, we ran the clock down on the day, went back to SLC, crashed at a budget motel with a bad crackhead problem, came back the next morning, and ripped till the snow was gone. And it was gone, all of it, by that next day. The Utah sun came back with a vengeance and cooked our course into extinction. The riders did what we could to keep it alive, with huge shovel parties to fill out the down-bar, but by the end of day two, our Bone Zone was looking pretty bare-bones. Boards were scraped, rocks were snacked, and mud covered our boots and pants. But tricks were stomped, lines were filmed, and even with that mud-covered course, nobody was complaining. We were riding in September, after all. – Kyle Weiss

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  1. far side joke
    far side joke says:

    it’s like y’all know yoon from the berrics? Just got married and is like on Insta I’m lucky to have you and I’m never letting go cough titanic anyways it’s like bruh! You look at her arms in dat pic!?!? she neva lettin go of you bruh!!!

    • post,up
      post,up says:

      POWMOW UTAH… on google earth ……and so is there NEW BIG BIKE PARK / JUMPS [SMALISH ] DROPS [ FUN SIZE ] …….check it out bros

      • PROVO..BROS.
        PROVO..BROS. says:

        the Pow.Mow bike park is rad cuz u can take it right to the road and car shuttle back up ….starts near the giant metal paper airoplane sculpture !

  2. interwebz
    interwebz says:

    were there any tricks that stood out? hard to judge early season when speed is a lil whack. but I guess the question these dudes really need to be asking themselves is.. was it worth it? #dramaticchipmunk #chooseyournextwordscarefullyleonidas

  3. chill pill
    chill pill says:

    a little defensive, aren’t we? hohoho (rich, chortling laughter)

    are you saying you have the udders to track out early season bonezone? that one dude fell and things were lookin pretty sparse at that point if you ask me… my conjecture is that maybe they vibed.. maybe they didnt??

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