Summer Snowboarding at Timberline: Not Just For Summer Camps

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When it comes to summer snowboarding, most people think about snowboard camps and the southern hemisphere. A lot of people consider snowboarding at Timberline to just be a novelty in the summer due to the lack of terrain, but they’re just plain wrong. Summer snowboarding is so much more than a bunch of spoiled brats and pro snowboarders trying to one up each other. In fact, it has become one of my favorite times and places to ride, and this is why.

The only time the T-shirt and mittens look will fly.

1. T-Shirt Weather: Snowboarding in a t-shirt is fun. There is just something about feeling the cold radiate off of the ground and the sun beating down on top you.  Don’t lie, you enjoy spring skiing. Summer snowboarding on a glacier is the exact same thing, all summer long.

Corey Caz. Photo @timberline_freestyle

2. Summer Halfpipe Riding: I got to ride half pipe through all of June this year.  You know those days when the pipe isn’t quite slush but isn’t quite ice?  Where you can go big and not die?  Imagine having that for weeks on end.

Ok, there are a few kooks, like Tim Coolidge here.

3. No Kooks:  Hands down there are fewer people getting in your way.  In the summer, almost everyone on the mountain can rip.  Whether it’s gate bashing skiers or rail slaying snowboarders there aren’t many Jerry’s.  If you wake up late when the parks are opening, you don’t even have to deal with gate bashers.  They have to go to bed so they can be up early enough for firm snow.

Camping in the snow in May? Yep, that’s a thing.

4. Chairs Stop Early: While this one sounds shitty, it has its advantages.  Want to go mountain bike? Disc golf? Fishing?  You have plenty of time when the chairs stop turning at 2:00 in the afternoon. Hell, you can even take the last chair up and make the 45 minute hike to Illumination Rock or hike the park for an extra hour.  Just because the chairs stop doesn’t mean the riding has to.

Butterfly/moth migration. #timberlinelodge #summer #ski #timberlinetruth #skipatrol

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5. Butterflies:  Yeah, you read that right.  Mother fucking butterflies.  Yeah yeah.  All you fake core, wannabe tough guys out there are making fun of me for this one. You know what though, it’s pretty cool.  Even if you miss the migration you’ll still notice a few throughout the day.

Whatever your excuses have been to not ride Timberline in the summer, stop making them.  The next time the PNW gets hammered all winter, get here and shred.

The ultimate public park experience from Board Over Brains.

And added by popular demand!

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