Too Hard: Un Bel Fionna 2017


Despite a complete lack of support from the corpo-minded snowboard industry, the Too Hard movement has spread across the globe. Dangy and her crew of jib girls are doing their thing all across the glaciers of Europe and here’s one from Fonna.

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  1. filthy_boii
    filthy_boii says:

    I’m normally down for a Too Hard edit, however.. Has the bar for their content dropped significantly? I’m down for edits where women rip because they are sick and put themselves out there, but if the new filter for who they put under their brand is: is a girl on a snowboard near a handrail, then I am going to need some kind of distinguishing mark to show me a Too Hard edit and a “Too Hard” video. This has rejected edit all over it if it doesn’t have Too Hard in the title. Not even a C+ rejected edit. Pass for me.

  2. Yeah
    Yeah says:

    This was mostly babyshit and then they’re like oh wait we can ride bigger park rails for the last bit but at that point you’ve totally zoned out from all the inane commentary and, as previously stated, completely babyshit snowboarding

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