Under Armour Adds another Nail in the Coffin of Old Portland

Under Armour (NYSE: UA) has officially announced the opening of it’s new “Global Innovation Hub For Footwear Design” in Portland, OR. According to a post on UAbiz.com, the new office will house 100 employees focusing on copying as many trade secrets from Nike without them realizing it as possible growing the Under Armour footwear and outdoor brands.

The Under Armour Portland office (UA PDX) is home to the design, development and innovation teams, about 100 teammates, that are creating the company’s next generation Basketball, Running, Training, Golf, Sportstyle and Outdoor footwear. The 70,000 square foot building sits in Southwest Portland adjacent to the recently refurbished Duniway Park, and at the site of a former YMCA facility.

UA PDX was created to condense and accelerate the footwear and apparel design process by connecting designers and developers with an innovation team and athlete performance analytics in real-time and around the world.

“Footwear is a key driver of our long-term growth and success,” said Peter Ruppe, Sr. Vice President for Footwear at Under Armour. “We’ve established a strong foundation, and now UA PDX represents a considerable leap forward towards creating leading performance footwear designed to make athletes better.”

Of course, as a residents of Portland who’ve watched the city we love turning slowly into the Bay Area, we have a few reservations about any new traffic creator, particularly in already strangled and congested Southwest, and have major concerns about the traffic impacts on Barbur Boulevard- formerly an ideal shortcut at rush hour. But then again, we’re sure Under Armour will copy Adidas’ new pilot program which incentivizes employees to Uber instead of drive to alleviate parking concerns. Also, Under Armour has actually be operating for over a year in Portland’s Pearl District, so at least all those assholes won’t be moving here to further inflate the real estate market.

We’d tell you to click the link below to watch the video, but it requires flash and who the hell uses flash anymore?

Link: http://www.uabiz.com/

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  1. Editorial Department
    Editorial Department says:

    This article has sent back due to improper use of author’s tone and run-on sentences (please read your work aloud before submitting).

    Seriously that line about Nike is a huge hack job that COULD be written in a way that makes sense. Feels a bit rushed lol.

  2. TRUTH
    TRUTH says:

    UNDER ARMOR , is going down bro ….there stock is NOW down 64% …. this great success is the result of a CEO that sucks penis …

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