Love/Hate: Ethan Morgan


If everything was amazing all the time, you would never appreciate it. Sometimes, shit’s gotta suck, even the shit you love. So, in this edition of Love/Hate we checked in with the Japanese-German-American sensation Ethan Morgan to find out what makes him swoon, but also what grinds his gears about the stuff he deals with during his life as a snowboard super star.

Summer snowboarding
Love: Tank top shredding, Hate:  Tourist tank top sun burns
Riding powder
Love: Face shots, hate: Freezing my face off
The backcountry
Love: Nature, Hate: Danger
Snowboard parks
Love: Learning new tricks with homies, Hate: Jocks
The Northwest
Love: Stripclubs in Portland are the sickest.
Love: Copper looks pretty dope lately. Hate: Freezing cold
Love: Everything is dope in Europe.
Love: Dope to shred if you really need to in the summer, Hate: but then you miss out on summer.
Love: weed, Cali livin, Hate: lots of people are very fake.
Social Media
Love: connection, Hate: addiction
Web Edits
Love: dope to watch in between, Hate: but there is an overload.

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