Last Resort With Stan: August 2017


In case you were wondering where Stan’s been, the answer is Burlington, VT, and youtube. But don’t worry, yung Stan is growing and maturing into a fine entertainer and in this episode of Last Resort he tackles the tough stuff: Markus Kleveland’s uncanny spinability, TWS’s inability to count to 30, some hammers, Max Parrot’s muscles, the Bent Metal comeback, Olympic big air and the gender gap in Board World. But don’t take our word for it, watch it dummy.

Oh and for all of you who have been thinking, man, the credits seem really funny but I can’t read that fast, here they are in text format:

Episode 7 || August 2017

Last Resort with Stan was written, edited, filmed and hosted by Justin/Stanley Leveille.
Last resort is a project presented by Lobster Snowboards, though the views on this show do not necessarily express those of anyone at the company.

Any angry emails should be directed to
[email protected]

Camera Man: The bookshelf and the tripod has been getting all the credit

Feminists: Hopefully that’s all of you, you dummies. Let’s progress.

DELIVERY DAN: not pictured in this show – yet… and probably ever. cus that character sucks

Spongebob house: Cortado’s actual house. RIP CORTADO. Oh ya the house was actually owned by Mizu. Initially, Mizu was a much better fish than Cortado, for the record.

Special note: WELL WELL WELL ONCE AGAIN IT’S 4:08 am on the day I want to put the episode out. I want to say this: I aimed to make a thought-provoking piece about gender in snowboarding but I almost worry I am serving the point I aim to make fun of. Gender understanding is hard for a cis-gender white male. I have been working on it for 6 hours straight and I’m just gonna stop now. As if six hours is enough time to figure out that problem. Lol SEE THIS IS WHAT I’M TAlKING ABOUT!

Last Resort Support staff: Chelsea Bailey, Pan Bailey, The Catfish, Diggles, Kristopher, Haldor, Mama Bailey, Dayson, Dr. B, Marcus, Eiki, Erik Leon, Uncle Russ, Cale, Eva, Lucy, Ralph

Wardrobe Consultant: Pam Rand

Special Thanks
TO ALL THE DAY ONES. Even if we are sometimes forced on the other side of the fence. Shout out Vermont Comedy, Shout out trying to do stand-up and sometimes just totally sucking. Shout out to my friends that have friends. Shout out to everyone that has been supportive of me over the last few crazy weeks, specifically Chelsea for keeping me alive while I’m attempting to move 1,000 miles a minute. Shouts to Lobster, Diggles, Haldeez. Thanks to the homies that show up to the comedy shows, to social media for ruining our lives, Shout out to letting that 30 under 30 list stress me out waayyyyyyyyyyyy to much

Shouts to Mitsta Mitstitsta, Barrio for keeping me stocked on caffeine and pastries, the new “save” feature on instagram and Facebook, the people that hit me up with good ideas, Cini Aloombini, The lake placid alligator reference in the Joey B skit that no one got FIVE EPISODES AGO, Luce, BEANSTALK, ICKS Yawgoons, Sugarbush, Union Bindings, Mervin, Deelux boots, SPLINTERS, My internet provider who almost busted me on illegally downloading life of pablo by Kanye West , MAH AND PAH, Milo, Poulin for just god damn existing, Erik Leon, Brandon Cocard, Forest Bailey, Nigro, Nigro’s neighbor if you are reading this I ate all the bacon and could use more. Mountain farm for life.= YO LET’S GIT THIS MONEY$$$$$$$$$

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  1. Robo boogie
    Robo boogie says:

    stan is most certainly not coming back and yobeat doesn’t need to make this awkward. Also this was hilarious.

  2. AFatGuy
    AFatGuy says:

    Wow. Thanks for supporting the Mt Hood locals Stan. Sangwich was the best summer video? Yeah fucking right. I hate these snowboarding cool guys that come to Hood and act like they are the shit. Have some respect for the people who were here before you, doing what you’re doing now but better.

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