Love/Hate: Madison Blackley


They say there’s a fine line between love and hate, and it’s often the things we love the most that cause us the most pain. So, for our new weekly-ish column, we’ve caught up with some of the most relevant riders in the biz to share some of their favorite, and not-so-favorite, things about snowboard culture. First up, Ms. Madison Blackley.

Riding powder
I love feeling weightless and eating shit, I hate getting stuck and bootpacking out.
The backcountry
I love being alone and finding natural lines, I hate getting there.
Snowboard parks
I love lapping, hate lines I and shitty set ups
The Northwest
I love the common mindset and tall trees, I hate kombucha.
I love the weed and the parks, I hate pretty much everything else, especially Vail and DIA
I love the food, the drinks, the crazy mountains and the people watching, I hate how expensive it is to get there.
I love brighton, rail gardens and how affordable Salt Lake is, I hate everybody who has ever moved here.
I love tahoe and mammoth, I hate LA
Social Media
I love scrolling, I hate scrolling for hours on end.
Web Edits
I loved when they used to matter, I hate creating them.

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  1. stopOvercrowdingBrighton
    stopOvercrowdingBrighton says:

    I agree with her Utah comment, I hate everyone that moved here to SLC too… I’ve met people I like that aren’t from Utah, but for the most part they can all fuck themselves haha.

  2. Humm kombucha is from Oregon
    Humm kombucha is from Oregon says:

    I tried the blueberry mint. I wouldn’t necessarily say I loved it, but I also wouldn’t necessarily say I hated it. Actually blueberry mint is a fucking awesome flavor combo, and i wish it would appear more besides just in kombucha and vape juice (?)

  3. old portland FOOL
    old portland FOOL says:

    PM RULES …… SNOWBASIN sold 32000 season passes …..POWMOW sold 1800…..NO BRAINER …POWMOW 2018

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