Throwback Thursday: Urban First Descents

The year was 2008 and Portland was a different place. Timbro, Partytime Nate and I hit the streets during a freak snowstorm to ride never before seen faces of East Portland. Somewhere else in the city Nick Dirks and Jarad Hadi were filiming their video parts for VG. Shaun White was there too. Then the snow melted and everything went back to normal.

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  1. STFU
    STFU says:

    You go to burning man. Constantly on snow trips. Go fahk yuhself. *to be clear, we are not jealous about burning man, it just shows what a tool you are

    • admin
      admin says:

      Never been to burning man, but agree that many of the people who’ve moved to Portland from whatever shitty place they grew up are indeed tools.

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