Board Over Brains: Extreme Home Video


Extreme Home Video!! This video is of a bunch of friends who came together to snowboard in Portland, Columbia River Gorge and Mt. Hood. Everyday we would wake up at the crack of dawn head to the city and go till it got dark. We also filmed some powder days and some local govy spots. This would have never happened if all these people weren’t a part of this. That is why it is call Extreme Home Video! We all radical an we totally a big fam! Producer/Edit Cameron Weeg Videographers Leif Draznin-French Cameron Weeg Alex St. Pierre Drew Bickerstaff Arlan George Riders Taylor Rydman Kai Polendey Casey Tratz Tyler Verigan Nick Dirks Brendon Hupp Andy Glader Casey Mitchell Ian Sullivan Tanner Seymour WIll Bickerstaff Nicky Mcmillen Kevin Cummings Robert Solorio Jeremy Nylund Ty Will Coop Jordan Phinney Jagger Heckman Cameron Weeg Griffin Frigaard Corey Caswell And Friends ENJOY!!

  • Team overshoot

    Hate brisse all you want but dat front 3 be sum Britney spears oops I did it again played with your heart got lost in the game type shit naw I mean

  • ThankgodIneedanonymouscommentsinmylifeandiknowsnowboarderisjuststealingmyidentity.

    This Video brought back Yobeat.

    • nope

      that is quite the claim there friend

  • mostlickthebowldude

    cool vid, some good riding

    but really nobody wants to watch 45 minuets of amateur snowboarding. try skipping all mf brol and shitty tricks.

    other than that, dope to see some good shit come outa hood.

  • Meetch

    Not sure what’s worse, Casey Mitchell’s personality or his snowboarding…

    • MostPretentiousDoucheInGovy

      His snowboarding is pretty cringe worthy but his personality is definitely worst

  • ThisVideoIsSoDamnBad

    You snowboard year round but you can only make a 45 minute broll video that could have been 10 minutes long? It amazes me that everyone is such a kook in one of the only places in North America where you can snowboard all year.

    • Your edit sucks ass.

      I will fucking stab you if you ever come to Mt. Hood.

  • From the Ice coast

    This shit is actually tight. I’ve been to hood and met some of these dudes and they are pretty dope. Not sure why everyone thinks they are a fucking snowboard critic on here, think you are hot shit then where is your edit? Not seein it anywhere on on this sight you fuckin mooks. These guys might not be throwin dubs or trips or hitting the craziest quad kinks, but alot of them have style for days sonnn. You guys are sleep