Jed Anderson wins Inaugural DWD Dirt Race at Mt. Hood

Based entirely on the photo above, it seems Jed Anderson is out of hiding after the whole gay thing, or whatever. He has made his triumphant return by snaking his way down Timberline to take the win at the first DIRT race of the summer! Either that, or it’s just some kid named Carlos that looks like him.

Full results here.

  • JedAnderson

    Yeah maybe if Jed Anderson was 12, post some new edits.


    JED isn’t gay …..but the DWD RACE IS GAYER THAN SHIT .


    Pacific North West sure has all the bull shit fag races on lock down … RAT RACE / DIRKSON DERBY / BAKER BANKED / THE LIMBO RACE [ ALL TIME GAY ] ..AND THE DWD DIRT RACE !

    • 4RealzDoh

      Ya, fuck the PNW with their deep snow and legal weed. You don’t even know what fun is until you’ve racked up 30K vertical in a season riding a rope. Rope tow for life bitchez…

      • JP SOLOSKI

        30k vert. on a rope and you might get rails dialed …..prob… not huh SON

  • TRUE

    don’t forget THE . Lopez… “big wave challenge ” gayest of them all …..

  • stoner George

    I ALWAYS feel like I took it up the ass when I ride in OREGON ..that dosnt make me or JED gay …just stupid .

  • Bro !

    IS JED GAY ?

    • ratrace—-suks

      this is way more LAGIT than the “RAT-RACE” …..

  • ASS………………………HOLE

    LEGAL WEED is the best reason to be a Baker local

  • we

    I mean if Jed was a little mexican kid then mayb… no that still doesn’t work.


    HE is . that’s why we need a wall ….

  • FuckRatFinks

    Who really gives a fuck about all these “hipster races” if the fucking general public cant enter them? Its just another organized pro bro/industry goon circle jerk. EXCEPT FOR Dirksen’s–cause Josh is cool as FUCK and its for charity and Baker Banked the OG—oh wait—the general public can enter those races.
    Otherwise—? Rat Race—fuck off you wankers.

  • he looks like TRUMP

    agreed ——-fuck “bro” races …..

    • KIM

      GAY-EST bro-contest …..”THE BRO-DIEO” AT POWMOW —-UTAH …..fuckin stupid


    who is spaming YOBEAT In All cApS ? ass hole ,,,the FBI will take care of u ,,save YOBEAT / SNOWBOARDING AND THE PLANET