RIP Camp of Champions

Despite what President Cheetoh may or may not believe, climate chamge is definitely a thing and it has officially taken a casualty from the snowboard world. After 28 years, Camp of Champions can no longer operate on the Blackcomb glacier and will call it quits this summer.

According to camp founder Ken Achenbach,

On May 31st, we received an email from Whistler Blackcomb stating, “It may look like there is plenty of snow to use on the glacier but in reality this season’s snow pack is not very dense and is full of air. When this snow gets moved and the air escapes it makes for much less snow than meets the eye. Keeping snow on the glacier will prevent melt, therefore regulating jump size is very important.”

Once I received this email, I knew that we weren’t going to have enough snow to build the park we’ve been promising everyone all winter. Whistler Blackcomb never said, “There is less snow than meets the eye” before, even in the worst of the drought years. The predicament I find myself in is nature’s fault, not Whistler Blackcomb’s. This year’s snow pack is less dense than usual because we enjoyed such a long cold winter. We didn’t get the wet cement spring snow that builds the snow pack we count on. During the snow drought years of 2014 and 2015 we started with more snow than we have now and barely made it through two weeks. For 2017, there isn’t enough snow to build intermediate or expert sized jumps. A huge portion of our campers are intermediate / expert level riders, and a park without those features will leave them unsatisfied. It wouldn’t have lasted to the end of the camp season either.

If you’ve already signed up for camp, expect to be contacted in the next couple weeks. So read Ken’s full explaination and apology visit

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  1. lesbe real
    lesbe real says:

    Climate change might be a factor but pushing around all the snow from the glacier all these years and insane prices is the real reason COC went out.
    Ken still the man tho

      VAIL SUCKS says:

      if u a boarder don’t go near WHISTLER ….fucked up place now …..BAKER IS THE CALL ……THEY GOT TONS OIF SNOW THIS YEAR …….MORE THAN EVER

      • BrendanMuff
        BrendanMuff says:

        Arena snowparks also just pulled out of their COC contract. Could have been a determining factor

        • who knows
          who knows says:

          Arena’s press release came out before Ken’s message and says absolutely nothing about lack of snow citing it purely as a change in direction of their business

          • SMALL JUMPS R GAY
            SMALL JUMPS R GAY says:

            VAIL fucked up THE CANYONS / UTAH —-BIKE PARK … Pow.Mow has the only decent bike park in the state and its GAY AS SHIT ….

      • ???
        ??? says:

        “Summer on the glacier won’t be the same without our long time neighbours Camp of Champions. Despite strange rumours floating around, there is more than enough snow and we’re almost done building our best park yet!

        Transfers, hips, extra wide take-offs, a 65 ft ‘big’ jump, 11 mogul lanes, 2 airbags and all sorts of jibs. We’re so excited for the next 5 weeks of summer camp on the glacier and hope to see you up there!”

      • Internet Man
        Internet Man says:

        I think Momentum sets up on a different part of the glacier. Higher up. They’ve also had to move the tow rope on the glacier several times since and it’s not in a serviceable location for the park anymore I believe. CoC was half main trail and then this one little alcove where they would have the rail section. I’m guessing that part is all melted out now as well. So sad…..

      • true master 420
        true master 420 says:

        this is so true, why was momentum ski camps hapening but not coc?? and whistler valley snowboard club had theyr own private park on the old coc side of the horst man t bar?! respect coc for everything they have done and hate on mommentum and…

    • FUCK----VAIL --
      FUCK----VAIL -- says:

      VAIL HATES SNOWBOARDING …. they plan on owning every resort and killing all SNOWBOARDING .

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