Yomerica: The Movie


This is it. Yomerica. It’s about you, me, the pros, the bros, and anyone else who likes to ride a snowboard. All of the footage came in because we asked people for it, and the result is kinda awesome.

Thanks to Nowamean, Ugly Kidz and Co, Hill City Squad and After Hours in particular– stay tuned for the BTS interviews of them in the near future. Thanks to everyone else who sent us footage, this movie only exists because of you.

If you want a lot more thanks, make it to the end of the movie. If you want us to like you, post it on Facebook. If you don’t care if we like you but enjoyed the movie, share it on twitter. If you’re in the movie, share that shit because you love yourself.

Yomerica — the greatest country in the world!



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  1. Sal Masekela
    Sal Masekela says:

    I think I saw the illusive nollie cab backside 360 hardway, can we take a look at that in MegaMo?

      JAKE BURTON says:

      SAL ? HOW COME YOU wrote like 75 boring [SEE BELOW] comments ? r you fucking bored out of your GOD DAM MINED ?

  2. mhssc camper
    mhssc camper says:

    Does anyone know where Jeff holces home mountain is? Just wondering so I can avoid seeing him this winter

  3. Lovelandlocal
    Lovelandlocal says:

    We must be in the era of the hipster cause nothing is more ironic than white kids from the burbs riding to a song about being “raised in the projects”. Oh gee, I hope Justin reads this comment dramatically….

  4. OldCrustyDewd
    OldCrustyDewd says:

    Contrary to what this video would lead you to believe, there are people out there who actually still ride powder and mountains. Jib vidyas are fucking boring.

  5. Flippin' Bird Productions
    Flippin' Bird Productions says:

    thanks hunter for not including one shot of us riding, we sent like 40 clips god damn!!

  6. Subway kid
    Subway kid says:

    Thank god Brian skroupski and his orange hoodie weren’t in this. I would have left the states.

  7. boneyballsack
    boneyballsack says:

    I was really looking forward to seeing all of the “non-snowboarding” clips you guys requested but I guess you decided to leave them out

  8. Shaun White
    Shaun White says:

    Where was my superpipe section i sent in? I wore my zebraprint and landed the sickest bootgrabs as well! Fuck You Yobeat.

  9. Lil 'Bud'dha
    Lil 'Bud'dha says:

    @flipping bird, put all your clips together and put it on here as a season recap or some shit.

    But good fucking work yobeat, I didnt even see any zeaches in that, just need some more backcountry/park shit next time.

  10. kook
    kook says:

    not enough handrails….also hard to believe your average yobeat reader is as good as any of these dudes, and also, what about the bitches…zero bitches or titties in this video and for that sole reason it blows….and no, i don’t mean bitches snowboarding, no one wants to see that…obviously

  11. Yuck Fobeat
    Yuck Fobeat says:

    @12: You must’ve stopped watching before the 12 minute mark. Because there’s definitely some rad, albeit short-living, freeriding in there which accurately captures how those of us blessed with gnarly terrain and abundant snowfall spend the winter months.

  12. CONCERNED...
    CONCERNED... says:

    Where are the god damn jump shots? oh wait i forgot…. hipsters don’t have enough balls for 90ft SW BS Rodeos…. nice stock rail tricks that every kid who checks this website can do. YoBeat is a hate on stuff website right?

  13. Chandler
    Chandler says:

    I only watched for flippin bird. where was it you commies. I have a quota for flippin bird and your pathetic clip of the black kid was NOT ENOUGH. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who cares.

  14. S.I.N
    S.I.N says:

    …The montage section was the only good part.

    Everything else is like every other snowboard movie out now.

  15. Albert
    Albert says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t the UKC and Hill City Squad parts just their edits from Arnette Crew Clash? You know, the ones that got re-posted a week ago in the “How to Make Your Crew Stand Out” post.

  16. steezy dude
    steezy dude says:


    way too good of footage to be edited this horribly. yobeat blows it once again

  17. TROOF
    TROOF says:


  18. Jerm
    Jerm says:

    I find it absolutely hilarious that anyone has anything negative to say about this video. If you’re hating on it you are delusional, have never been to Yobeat or just dumb. There are about a dozen powder edits submitted and posted a year. Most of which are pretty boring. Anyone with a decent powder shot is going to waste their time trying to get it into a “real video”. The same goes for everyone crying about jump shots. Have you paid attention to this site in the last three years? It’s only become more popular and the amount of park/jump footage has stayed the same. Get your heads out of your asses, if you want the direction of snowboarding changed then do something besides making a half assed cry baby comment.

    • Gasleak
      Gasleak says:

      This can’t be real Jerm. The true Jermagin loved the spewing of hate. ESPECIALLY on stuff that was actually good. Shitposting hate comments please continue, it’s what YoBeat was built on. #makeyobeatgreatagain

  19. sean
    sean says:

    Jerm, quit being such a pussy. The footage in this video was sick. But seriously yobeat, where are the party shots I was looking to see some stupid shit in here

  20. yed
    yed says:

    this is so rad, a ton of kids getting after it and shredding, all doing what we love. its sick to see! really inspiring!

  21. Trillbo Swaggins
    Trillbo Swaggins says:

    What’s with the all the old posts? Is Yobeat just giving up on posting new content?

  22. Bridgeport
    Bridgeport says:

    yobeat sucks now. start selling shit then play old ass videos. give the people what they want. not over priced garbage. new videos. ya dingkusses.

  23. wow
    wow says:

    i still watch this, was heavily into snowboarding at the time and this movie stuck with me, love the soundtrack

  24. doodlebob
    doodlebob says:

    its supposed to be season edit time. peoples court and insult to injuries and overall cool videos. come on yobeat, whats this old stuff and talk of insta only….

    • Johnny Rocket
      Johnny Rocket says:

      Agreed yo. I don’t know what they’re thinking or cooking up. Better be something good. If it’s nothing then yobeat has done a good job of disrespecting everyone who enjoys the site by not letting us know what’s going down. FuckYoBeat

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