Comment Con 2014

It’s no secret that comments make Yobeat what it is, but sometimes a commenter comes along so heinous (or hilarious) that we have to do something about it. So, Comment Con was born. This year Jerm, Snatch, KC Kyle, Jerm’s Mom and Toby’s Sticker pack made the trip from all over the country to put their pride and shittalking on the line in a friendly game of snow at High Cascade. Unfortunately, Jerm’s Mom forgot to wear sunglasses the day before and burned his eyes out, taking him and Toby’s Sticker Pack out of the game. And since they, being Canadian, were the only ones with any actual skills, we grabbed Nick Noneman to break some fools and it was on.

Special thanks to Timberline, High Cascade, Poler and Airblaster for making Comment Con 2014 possible. Until next year…

Edit and filming: Seamus Foster

Relive the memories of comment con 1 here!

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  1. hot chick big boobs
    hot chick big boobs says:

    ahaha jerm sucks hard and has a gay ass hair cut. kc kyle looks like a fag. i see where all the hate comes from

  2. spicy chicken
    spicy chicken says:

    it all makes sence now. KC Kyle is a fag, all he can do is talk crap and 50-50….. if i were him i would not have come and exposed myself to the world.

  3. brookes sandy vag
    brookes sandy vag says:

    stop trying to be cool and making shitty videos this was absolutely horrid and makes me want to gauge a baby seal eyes out please never AGAIN

  4. KC KYLE
    KC KYLE says:

    Jerms mom is actually good at snowboarding by the way. Back board pretzel out on the troll rail all day. Lacking a bit of common sense but who isn’t

  5. Ugh jerm again
    Ugh jerm again says:

    Why does anyone even like this Jerm guy? Looks like a 40 year old with a 13 year olds hair cut and rides like an 8 year old who just switched from skis.
    Id rather watch Louie Vito fuck Shaun White in the ass then to ever hear about this dude again.
    The fact that KC Kyle seems cool next to Jerm should show you all that we should start ignoring him and hopefully he will move back into his moms basement and cry himself to sleep because he has probably been snowboarding for over a decade but can’t even make a 360 nose look cool.

  6. Dickpringle
    Dickpringle says:

    Two things, this is proof that backflips aren’t too difficult.

    And second I don’t get this Jerm character….is that really him or did you just find some skier from windells to strap on a snowboard (lol strap on). Just wondering bc he looked very uncomfortable and had on Saga

  7. railridersandropetows
    railridersandropetows says:

    haha I don’t think ill ever take hate from these guys seriously again like everything was wrong with it. any skier could have strapped on and done better and looked steezier

  8. .
    . says:

    Comment Con = who can hit a rail the best.

    Lets see a chinese downhill, ollie contest, best spray of a ski racer, or something like that

  9. Fart king
    Fart king says:

    I’ll fart louder and harder than anyone of you snowboarding monkeys I like snowboarding bc it’s steezy looking asses and Jerm wears his grandmas old bras and KC Kyle listens to Tracy chapman.

    Two planks

  10. TROOF
    TROOF says:


  11. basshole
    basshole says:

    can we talk about the fact that Jerm’s Mom couldn’t compete because he was too fucking stupid to wear eye protection on a glacier in the middle of summer?

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