Lipton Reviews: The Shaun White Gum

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While on a beer run, we noticed the a familiar ginger staring up at us from the candy section in the check out line. Though hesitant to spend actual money on something endorsed by Shaun White, we couldn’t help our selves and picked up a pack to check it out so you may or may not have to! So, will Stride’s Whitemind gum make you snowboard better, faster and in closer proximity to babes? Lipton’s got you covered…

And next up, Shaun White’s entire razor scooter line!

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  1. matty
    matty says:

    Mine says:

    “It’s on! Man Versus Ram. One a competitive animal with freakish strength that loves to be scratched. The other has horns. Together in a fierce competition to see who is the best spokesman…or spokesanimal!”

    wtf does that even mean

  2. Stressrelief
    Stressrelief says:

    Mr. lipton. Who the fuck are you? Your more annoying than Shawn White. You work for a D grade website who puts shitty content on their sight daily. Any you write half the stories. Snowboarding since 97? Thats a little more than ten years. Everyone on this website should know they are the kooks of the snowboard industry. Just sayin, where is the credibility to be making fun of people? Get some history first. I still come to the sight every once in a while because its kinda entertaining. Hell yeah Shawn White deserves his own gum and thank you for making fun of it Barney.

  3. ble
    ble says:

    woah, stressrelief. really? shaun deserves his own gum? how so? and yobeat is just like murica.. if you dont like it you can GET OUT. oh and its making fun of snowboarding since 97, brookes been riding way longer brah.

  4. Stressrelief
    Stressrelief says:

    Um two gold medals and your last name White. If that doesnt say chewing gum, I dont know what does. This is a great SIGHT for rollerbladers.

  5. Stressrelief
    Stressrelief says:

    Ok brah, Im sure Brooke has been snowboarding for longer, but the things that are posted on this SIGHT make it seem like she’s an insecure Howley.

  6. tedore
    tedore says:

    Nick has more street cred than you think. Prob one of the most real people out there. I back Nick! in fact a lot of big name snowboarders also back Nick, so keep talking shit Nick. I love it. the above dude just doesn’t get the humor..

  7. Stressrelief
    Stressrelief says:

    Yeah maybe a little more than 1997. He’s not humorous to me he’s annoying, just like the flying tomato.

  8. Former Student
    Former Student says:

    Shawn isn’t annoying, he’s just everything you’ve ever dreamed of being, and since you’re incapable of achieving even 1/50 of what he has, it’s annoying.

  9. Ryan Irvin
    Ryan Irvin says:

    stressrelief as half the comments on this, because he is really insecure about him self and needs to express how wack he is on a “Joke of a website”, THE FUNNY THINK IS YOU PROBABLY SKI

  10. pablo escabar
    pablo escabar says:

    Shaun White should be the Target here, not Lipton. He looks like a cheap wanna-be rock star and gives snowboarders a horrible rep to the public. Plus he sniffs his own farts

  11. Stressrelief
    Stressrelief says:

    I really don’t know what im talking about. I just like heating things up on the internet when im board at work. I think i should quit mixing meth and fizz.

  12. ACE
    ACE says:

    Wow stressrelief is a tool! And of course Brooke is a haole, she’s white and not from Hawaii you idiot, and she’s probably better on a board than you.

  13. Brian Walther
    Brian Walther says:

    that faggot dosent ride for big red because stride offered him more money and his dicks to small to see the funny side pf his fire crotch riding for big red

  14. dave
    dave says:

    i fucking hate shaun white, but i really fucking hate how nobody can spell his name right. you would think with all the coverage people would get it down….

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