Dream Date with Darrah


Marcus Rand, Mark Goodall and Kai Ujejski vie for a dream date with Darrah Reid Mclean. Will any of them win her heart? Only their snowboard skills will decide.

Edit: Keaton Rodgers

  • ZAX #GT3

    is the weed gone??? lolololol

  • GetWyld

    snowboarders are awkward people

  • bob saget

    this shit was actually really funny. 100 yobeat

  • Robert Canales

    “My arm was rubbing against her tittie” lololol

  • cocaine

    yobeat got so fucking gay ever since last call

  • Jwhite

    Marcus made this damn video

  • PomPom

    That’s how I picked a husband. Seriously. Got 10 years out of the deal. Some fine ass and a boned out Indy in the 90s and I was sold.

  • baba booey

    but can she back roll a spliff?

    • this is the shit that matters

      the world may never know


    want a cream date with BROOKE ……….. MO-BETA

  • yo beater

    Marcus Rand kicks ass.

  • SHE RIDES AT POWDER MOUNTAIN UTAH …..always stoned always good to go …. SWEET !