YoBeat Most Awesome Chef: Party Time Nate vs Jerm


On the back deck of the Ark, two culinary titans met vie for Yobeat stardom (as well as $10). Party Time Nate, who’s been twice defeated by Peter Line (Watch: the Seattle Hot Dog Cook off | The Portland Coffee Challenge) was hungry (no pun intended) for the win. Meanwhile, Yobeat cook off-newcomer, Jeremiah “Jerm” Paquette was recently released from jail and eager to make sure his Internet celebrity status was not damaged by a little time in the clink, or a loss. Using four secret ingredients, Nate and Jerm set out to make one amazing entree each and see who would be the next Yobeat Most Awesome Chef.

Host: Brooke Geery
Judges: Mary Walsh and Enzo Plati
Filming: Jared Souney
Edited by: Brooke Geery

  • Brooke how many coupons did you use to buy the mystery ingredients?

  • ble

    was literally watching master chef when i saw this

  • c’mon

    I always thought Jerm was black.

  • Well, he did just get out of jail, so it’s an understandable mistake

  • turd Ferguson

    i guess jerm forgot how to present food when he was in jail

  • ….

    really yobeat? worst idea/concept. get back to snowboarding

  • Former Student

    “…” can go fuck himself, they do this every year. Peter Line even hosted one at his house.

  • Timwindells’ballsack

    wack…. that one dood was so drunk off one beer he was spillin everywhere, keep it in you’re mouth man.

  • Sam

    So….is this a pilot getting pitched to Fuel TV or some crap? I’d do well.

  • buckshot

    Seriously? This is a snowboarding website, I’ll go on the fucking food network when I wanna watch food being made.

  • shitballs

    how long did you watch guys watch this before you realized it wasnt a snowboarding edit? and then how long did it take you to decide to watch the next seven minutes and complain?

  • Seriously Buckshot… maybe wait till winter before you start bitching about the lack of snowboard edits. In the meantime, go sit on a turkey baster

  • joey

    brooke is hot

  • drB

    love it

  • hot toddy

    I’m all about… food inside of food.

  • Jerm is a cool dude

  • Enzo

    I forgot we did that…

  • Jerm shoulda won for using bacon.

  • karnkarn

    Yes a coupon blog fuck yeah Brooke!