The Women Who Run Snowboarding

by Eli Andrews

The evolution of snowboarding is constantly one upping itself. Never been done tricks in your browsers history only to be forgotten the next full part drops. Yet in the shadows of snowboarding the fairer sex is often forgotten. The P.S. series, Mischief, Peep Show and the Too Hard crews are working to push female snowboarding to the masses. With the addition of the X games and the Olympics the ladies are gaining some momentum and media coverage that has a few making even more money than some of their male counterparts.

It seems that for most of the early 2000s women’s snowboarding remained stagnant with little to no progression. Ladies like Barrett Christy and Circe Wallace had already set the bar with tricks like 360s and backflips. Around 2005 the progression of park building and snowmobiles became lighter and easier to handle for ladies. Almost overnight the girls started upping the ante with 5s, 7s and double back flips. Now it’s 2014 and tricks like cab doubles, back 10 dub corks and a plethora of tech rail maneuvers have made womens riding relevant more than ever. So being the hard hitting investigative journalism that YOBEAT is known for we tracked down some of the women who run snowboarding and asked them:

“What do you think it takes to infiltrate an industry predominantly run by men?”

The Riders

mfrmainMarie France Roy Hana BeamanHana Beaman
leannemainLeanne Pelosi

Behind the Scenes

barrettBarrett Christy circeCirce Wallace maryMary Walsh
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    • DENNIS
      DENNIS says:

      I say DESEREE MALONCON , has given a fucking ton of hart ,soul .and talent to SNOWBOARDING ……

        • 2018 !
          2018 ! says:

          ALL the to hard chicks …fuck the old X-GAMES ,overplayed / Barret squad !…by-by …its a new day BABBEY ..

        • NEW IS GOOD
          NEW IS GOOD says:

          THE women that “run” SNOWBOARDING are the young talent . KLAUDIA MEDLOVA …pure insane moves that have never been seen ….NOT THE 360S OF 15YRS AGO

      • move along /shows over
        move along /shows over says:

        WTF..u skipped the up and comer superstars KLAUDIA MEDLOVA …u skipped the recent superstars JAMIE ANDERSON and you went for the ancient overplayed old timers BARRET CHRISTY ….WTF

    • and--2--hard ...chicks
      and--2--hard ...chicks says:

      MAISON BLACKLEY .. she rips on urban harder than 99 percent of the guys / DESEREE 2 …both fucking rule .

      • GO AWAY
        GO AWAY says:

        MADISON is a up and comer ..but why recycle the stars of the 90s …. THEY NEED TO MOVE ON [ SAME IN MENS BOARDING ]

      • fuck X-GAMES
        fuck X-GAMES says:

        DANIEL PATERSON ….so good …rail bad ass …hot …parties …kills urban

        JAKE BURTON says:

        CLAUDIA / on the BATALION squad is the most bad ass, insane ,hot, hard core, up and comer on planet earth !!

  1. WAIT
    WAIT says:

    Wait what about Anne-Marie Daschyn?? I thought she was an integral part of snowboarding’s present and future being the President of Marketing for Burton?

    Whats that? She just cares about hanging out with Justin Beiber and going to Coachella? Oh…nevermind, carry on…

  2. Cool Guy Nice Internet
    Cool Guy Nice Internet says:

    So Hondo is technically not considered a female? Well, I guess this changes things….

  3. Bobo
    Bobo says:

    Woah, if you click the pictures there’s more words……
    There was me thinking you’d just put some photos up.

  4. SToweked
    SToweked says:

    Mary Walsh? Really? She’s super nice, good worker, but there’s a bunch of other women who’ve been in the industry much longer and have contributed much more than her! Maybe in ten years!

  5. ghost of stonewall jackson
    ghost of stonewall jackson says:

    This isn’t a ‘best of’ list, people… It’s an article expressing the opinion of several important females in snowboarding. Quit naming people who you think should have been included.

  6. TheAssociate
    TheAssociate says:

    This list is surely lacking some important names but, at least all these girls shred harder than Hondo’s lame ass

  7. toaster
    toaster says:

    I would much rather see an interview with Tombo or Cooper Thomas. Come on Yobeat step your game up.

  8. Shredzo the Clown
    Shredzo the Clown says:

    First off Janna Meyen was the best female rider I ever saw…in her prime she rode better than 90% of your avg. Yobeat readership……no bullshit. Hell…..she still may!
    As for the Circe aka Circle K quote…….about lost its identity….definitely. But who gives a fuck…it’s a wide tent and if you ride you got a place in it. Here’s to a fucking fantastic season hombres….let is snow….please.

  9. Hockster
    Hockster says:

    Jeezuz! The editing in this article is abominable! How about a little grammar check?! It never hurts to reread through an article before publishing it. I would really like to read the entirety of text, but the poor structure is currently making it impossible.

  10. chicken lover
    chicken lover says:

    the bar was set in early 2000 with backflips and 360’s?? i know zero about girl snowboarding but i remember tara dakides doing back rodeo’s in technical difficulties in ’99. and I remember fucking the space between my couch cushions watching her do it.

  11. Everyone Knows
    Everyone Knows says:

    The best way to make it as a female in snowboarding is to make web videos that bite Bronze 56k and then vehemently deny that influence all over the internet via poorly written comments.

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