Nate Bozung’s Last Hump Day



(Editors Note: Eric Fernandez wrote this interview. Expect to see much more of Eric in weeks to come.)

I met Nate about two years ago living in Salt Lake City. It’s easy to understand how someone might get a wrong first impression considering the face tattoos, but he’s really a totally charismatic dude. He’s always quick to a joke, or has some really funny story to tell. Now, two years later by complete chance, we are neighbors in Brooklyn. And things haven’t changed–besides the stories being a little crazier and the jokes being a little funnier. For the sake of avoiding a long-winded, boring introduction, ladies and ‘gents, the Nate Bozung Hump Day interview is as follows, with all you’ll never need or want to know. Enjoy.

-“I can’t wait to hear some of these questions. It’s just like, you know what… I don’t give a fuck about snowboarding anymore so, whatever. I wish I could get a little more drunk.” -Nate Bozung

Start with your name, age, and place of residence…

Hold on let me re-light my cigarette. It’s windy god damnit. Mmm, well obviously my name is Nate Bozung, I’m 28 years old. Actually fuck, I’m 29. I just had a birthday. I live in Brooklyn, New York.

I heard you spent your entire Neff royalty check on a year’s rent in Brooklyn. Is that true? Are you hyped on your spot?

It wasn’t even a royalty check, it was just out of my Neff payments. So I just paid it all up front because that’s the only way I could get into an apartment, cause my credit is bad. Neff came through and wired in a lot of money, so now I live here. It was sweet.

So are you hyped on your spot?

Yeah I’m really hyped. I just wish sometimes that I lived in the city, because on drunken nights it’s tough getting back to Brooklyn. Like the other night I took an E pill at like 6 in the morning, and I thought I had a metrocard, so I turned down a ride back. And then realized I didn’t actually have a metrocard, so I walked back. It’s only a mile but it was the longest mile ever ‘cause I was on E. By myself. (Laughs)

Is the walk back over the bridge your daily dose of exercise?

(Laughs) Yeah the walk back over the bridge is it, unless you count bar-to-bar. But yeah. And I also never see the sun anymore.


So, I see that you’ve compiled quite the tattoo collection. What sparked your desire for home tats?

It was just more of the situation I was in out in Greece. We had a tattoo gun and I just really, really, really didn’t care. And I still don’t. So we were there and I was drunk, and I wanted to learn how to do it so I just did it. I still have a lot more work to do, but they cost a lot of money so, I really wish I had that tattoo gun here.

You know you can make those right?

Yeah. I did a stick and poke one day with a needle. I don’t know… I need to do something with my life one day, so maybe I could be a tattoo artist, except I’m not the best artist so actually, maybe scratch that one. I’ll just be a party promotor. (Laughs).

Which was the first tattoo you got on your face? Did you just wake up one morning and say “Ok, I want a face tat,” or was it more on a whim?

Well no actually my first face tattoo was in Laguna Beach. I got this little asterisk on my temple. Just a little guy. So I got that one, and then pretty much, I was like whatever ‘cause I didn’t have a girlfriend anymore so I was like “I can do whatever I want” so I just went crazy. And now I’m pretty much single for life ‘cause of it. (Laughs).

How many more face tats are you gonna get?

I’m gonna get one more. I just haven’t gotten around to getting it. It’s just little lips. You know like the lipstick kiss lips. I’m gonna get it right here on my temple, but no more on my cheek or anything like that.

You should get a yobeat tattoo on your face.

Tell them to fuckin’ pay me and I will. I’m getting a Facebook tattoo soon, probably not on my face though.


Who is Paulina Pink? She’s all over your facebook. Who is she? Does she exist?

Oh yeah…. Yeeeahhhhh. Good question. Yes she definitely exists. I’ve actually been trying to get a hold of her today. But I couldn’t get on facebook. I talk to her on the phone all the time, so many hours talking to that girl on the phone. She lives in Columbia, and I’ve never met her.

You’ve never met her?

Never met her, but yeah I got her name tattoo’d on my neck (Laughs). If I ever meet the girl I’m gonna marry her. Paulina Pink, she’s the shit.


What’s going on with Bozwreck? Are you guys going to make boards this year?

Ha! Well now that I just kicked Matty out from the house two days ago, I don’t know what’s gonna happen with it. The thing is, all these people owe us money and it’s like, well what the fuck. I really don’t think we’re making boards anymore.

Do you have a good following on the east coast? I saw a dude at my work wearing Bozwreck shirt the other day, it seems pretty popular.

People are hyped on it. People being hyped on something and making money off something is two different things, even though we’re not really trying to make money off of it. But it’s like, it takes money to do shit. And I’m sick of taking it out of my own pocket. We thought about just making boards just for the team and that’s it and not even selling them, and that’s what we were last leaning on, but as of now I have no idea. I really don’t care. (Laughs)

From what I understand, you’ve taken a liking to the NYC nightlife. Is this truly the most fun place to party on earth?

Yeah, it’s definitely probably the funnest place to party in the world. But there’s definitely also other places to party that are really fun. The reason I really like it is ‘cause it’s so condensed and there’s so many fucking hot girls here. It’s completely mind boggling that everywhere you go there’s a hot chick, and your neck starts hurting. Ratio of girls to dudes though, yeah it’s the best place to party on earth.

And what’s the longest amount of time you’ve made nonstop party without sleeping since being here?

I try and usually sleep but I think… Yeah probably three days. I know people who’ve gone way longer, but I can never really pull it longer than that. I dunno it just depends. Yeah it was probably three days I think. I don’t remember the situation but I know I was wasted. (Laughs)

Was that recent?

Well last weekend, I was raging. I think I was out for like, two days straight. And I was raging and getting really fucked up. And I ended up at the pool party at the Thompson Hotel, and I couldn’t even open my eyes dude, I was just so twisted. But yeah, it’s a fun city. People think I’ve just lost my mind here, but if they saw the shit that I’ve been doing and getting into, they’d just be so jealous. (Laughs).

What was your drink/drug of choice during that particular time? Or was it whatever really comes your way?

I can’t remember. (Laughs). I really can’t remember. (More Laughs). Obviously I was drinking what was right in front of me, or whatever I could get a hold of. And of course, some of the high-powered street stuff. One weekend I was on some acid for like two days, E every now and then, coke every now and then. It’s just, whatever. Those god damn models just keep stickin’ stuff in front of me. It’s not my fault. (More Laughs)


Are the drugs readily accessible in NYC better, worse, or the same than in other places you’ve partied, like Greece for example?

Oh god they’re the best! God yeah, the best for sure. Greece didn’t have any drugs, Greece was just drinking and that’s why I lost my mind so bad there. Cause I don’t know, anyone who parties can kind of vouch but you do a little coke and it brings you back to reality a little bit, as crazy as that sounds. So, I don’t know. I don’t really do any coke lately ‘cause I don’t have any money. But the other day I talked my drug dealer into giving me an E pill ‘cause I was at some rave I’d never been to, I didn’t know where I was and I was like “C’mon man, I owe you… I’ll owe you 20 bucks man, c’mon.”

You’ve got to have one end-all, just fucking awesome story from your time in NYC. If there’s one totally crazy, fucked up, funny, wild scenario to tell about, now is your chance.

Well… they’d actually need to write a book about it. (Laughs). It’s like, every night. It’s something new every night. Every night is crazy. You get wasted and then you’re going from bar to bar to bar, and then clubs, and tables, and bottles, and just whatever. Every night is the best. And there are so many fucking hot girls. For a second there I would just wake up and be like wow… I cannot wait to go out again tonight. It just keeps getting better and better and better.

That’s cool.

Yeah, it was cool ‘cause I got here and I met these kids Jay and Majors and Lo’… and I’ve just been running around their scene ‘cause they’re the promoters for all the clubs, so you get into crazy clubs you’d never get into normally. They pretty much run New York.

So would you wanna be a promoter?

No, I don’t wanna be a promoter, but I did promote my first night the other night with CJ. But it was more like, don’t even pay me, just give me a bottle and a table, and I’ll bring some friends, and some hot babes… and let’s get wasted!


Have you ever thought about sobering up and making a fucking killer “comeback” part?

Nope. (Laughs). Why would I want to do something like that?

I guess that question is a little off topic.

Yeah… go kill myself, just to get in trouble by somebody when I’m not even doing anything wrong. Fuck the snowboard industry… well actually I wouldn’t say fuck the snowboard industry like that, but fuck trying to do it professionally anymore. I’ll fuck around with it and stuff, but I’m 29. I’m not trying to be 35 and still trying to get my best video part of the year like a lot of other people are. I’m on some new shit. I own a snowboard company now, I don’t need to ride for anybody. I took a step up in the game, the way I look at it. A lot of people are hating on it… but Ha Ha Ha.

So do you think you’re gonna stay in NYC for awhile? What’s your next move?

Yeah I’m gonna stay here, renew my lease.

Same spot?

Yeah, same spot. Next year should be dope ‘cause my tax shit will be all done with, and I’ll actually be able to travel a little bit. I didn’t get to travel at all this year. So I’ll go to some events, and whatever.

You going to film at all?

Ehh, I dunno. It just depends on the situation. I wanted to film for Keegan’s video a little bit. But I think about actually strapping into a snowboard and getting that nervous/scared feeling and I’m like Mmm nah, I’m over that feeling. I’d rather go skate thru traffic and almost get hit by a taxi.

Yeah, cause if you get hit by a taxi at least you get a grip of cash out of it.

Yeah, exactly. I mean no matter what you do people will always talk shit, so I just don’t really care about that side of snowboarding anymore. It’s just kinda bullshit.

So I think that’s a wrap man, any good last words or shout outs to people you wanna give?

I’ll give a shout out to all my friends in New York, the world, all my family, and to Neff. And that’s pretty much it. Everyone who’s helped me along the way, it’s been fun. And tell (Nick) Lipton that I decided this is the last interview I’m ever doing, and the only reason I did it was because it’s Yobeat. So there.

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  1. Serioulsy?
    Serioulsy? says:

    This interview is pretty sad and pathetic. Nate, my man, you have fallen off hard. You’re snowboarding’s biggest douchebag. Go on an internet site and talk about all your drug use like its funny. Yeah man, you’re my hero.

    What’s the deal with assholes like this and all the Hipster/Comune-clones glorifying Blow & E in interviews and on websites? Are you clinging to the small amount of attention you have left anymore? This idiot comes on here like he’s some rockstar, guys like Ben Rice & Corey Smith tag photos on their facebook pages of bags of cocaine. Go get help for your daddy issues and stop pretending you guys are anything more than drug addicts.

    Its one thing for this site to “make fun of snowboarding”, but you’re blatantly promoting hard drug use and some meat puppet who will probably die any day and is lucky to get a check from Shaun Neff at all. Do the right thing and take this interview down. It’s really sad. And no, I’m not some grandpa, or even an older dude, but enough is enough…

  2. pion
    pion says:

    why would anyone reading this buy any NEFF again? just as stupid as buying Burton stuff suport Jib Jones suport the army

  3. bradshaw
    bradshaw says:

    okok dammmm nate!!! wait til they see the skype interview you got comin out with lane!!!!!!!!!!! if this made some cunt mad, then there gonna hang you hahahahahahaha, good to see ur face homie been a bit and this fuckin comment board is the only way to say HIGH, fuck FACEBOOK shits ran by the feds,
    not hatin jus sayin keep BOZWRECK ALIVE!!!! fuck promoting clubs they kill people promote ur shit and get money duh,or fuck it just start club bozwreck!!!!!!!!

    smooooooooooooke sumthin!!!!!!!!!

      DRUG FREE says:

      MOST snowboarders degrade there success in the sport due to drugs .. some a little most a lot ….NATE 100 percent ….its all-fucking STUPID .

    • sman
      sman says:

      yea.. I hear what Drex is saying on the honesty, it really is a good interview in that it’s raw reality.. that said, that raw reality should be clear that this is not a good trajectory for anyone..

  4. drexnefex
    drexnefex says:

    Fucking A this was an epic interview. Props to NB for not giving a fuck and doing what he wants.

    A friend of mine who lives in NYC told me that most people who move there try to out-party the city at 1st. They usually come crawling back hurting cause you can’t out-party NYC.

    Sounds like NB is out-partying NYC…

  5. Big John
    Big John says:

    Yikes… I hope when i turn 29 the only thing i can be hyped on is chicks I get to look at and thinking about all the fucked up things i put up my nose the night before. Fuck man your almost 30 get your shit together. You have plenty of opportunity with BozWreck and everything you have worked for the past ten plus years. Why not keep going on that and make it work instead of starting some new dumb shit. Fuck party promoting, what are you a jacked and tan jersy shore roidsy ass bitch? Naw your a fuckin shit head boarder, do something with it. Written by a fallen fan thats bummed on your shit right now.

  6. AA
    AA says:

    The questions are almost as intelligent as the answers…
    Saw this and thought it could have been interesting.

  7. burritosandsnow
    burritosandsnow says:

    None of those NYC folks gonna be there when that money dries up Nate .. snowboardings here and always willing to give you love but you gotta show it the love first

  8. oater
    oater says:

    I feel sorry for Nate…and all the young rippers who might read this – please don’t. Snowboarding is fun, can change your life and is a healthy activity. Nate is a drug addict who has seriously fallen off the wagon. Shaun Neff should have given him the money to go to rehab, not move to NYC.

  9. nice
    nice says:

    nice. some jackass who’s known nate for all of just 2yrs writes up a pathetic list of questions to take advantage of our boy nate. of course he’s gonna take the bait.
    it really is pretty sad.. i assume most of you readers dont know nates background (his life background. not his snow background) yet that’s no excuse.
    i do agree, neff should have sent him to rehab instead of funding his time in NYC..
    oh well, it is what it is and nates pretty far down the dark path.
    so much talent……. there’s plenty of riders who never wanted to play the game and just got mad at things/people/companies/scenes.. many of them have not been heard from or seen in a very long time. sad really. as it’s an easy game to play if you have the riding skills to back it. for the riders that realize this, they have it made… to the others that do not… well… nate is an extreme example but, they get left.
    nate…… it’s far from too late. you need better people in your corner.
    much love, kid.

  10. Blunder Lillies
    Blunder Lillies says:

    How old was Nate when he got hooked up on Forum (as the next prodigy), 16 maybe? He was a pup thrown into the fire with the best snowboarders in the world at the time. So this is where he is now. This interview isn’t glorifying anything, it’s a good interview because it’s honest. Kids aren’t going to be racing out to buy drugs and get face tatts because of it. Thanks for doing the interview Nate. You might not care about professional snowboarding anymore, but plenty of snowboarders still care about you and what your up to.

  11. kevin
    kevin says:

    hahaha talk about a burn out…its actually funny, nate may be cool cuase he “doesnt give a fuck” but he sounds like the biggest bro ever, seriuosly you would fit in perfectly in the dirt bike industry brooo….by the way 29 is fucking young but i guess that doesnt matter when ur gonna die by 35 hahahahahah

  12. brett
    brett says:

    This is a very sad situation. For Yobeat to be promoting drug use like this is sad as well. Tons of kids read this site daily. Drug use is a serious problem. This is an interview basically saying using drugs is cool kids, get face tattoo’s and dont give a fuck. This interview should be taken down.

  13. Ghansen
    Ghansen says:

    Really Sad~ Some may praise his escape to wherever… I have no bad opinion towards Nate. Very cool cat, fun to hang with, talented, charismatic.

    As we grow; we all can get into phases of our life where things get outta control, relevant or not, Some of your homies care about you Nate and we want the best for you! Snowboarding isn’t paying what it used to, period. Best wishes to your next endeavor and stay positive.
    I have never been a pro, only a worker in this industry,no glory, no mag stories, just an incredible group of friends, I got to meet Craig on the boat in Baldface, travel BC in Rv’s, hang with Terje & JLA at MT Baker banked slalom, throw events, work with amazing artists, and basically ride wherever i wanted to the past 15 years. Wouldn’t trade it for anything and I am grateful everyday for the things in my life.
    Best wishes to you Bozung, Come hang in the Tetons and get your head straight for a bit!
    Youth out there, you can draw your own conclusions from this subjective peice of editorial, But I caution you. Find your line, chase your dreams, never give up! Its is the journey in the end that is precious!

  14. bozfuck
    bozfuck says:

    and what a shit ass rag for publishing this garbage. yobeat is to bozfuck as bozfuck is to bozfuck.

    loserville, population 2

  15. chuck Chillout
    chuck Chillout says:

    coolest thing about nate is he dont give a fuck what you fuckin losers think. Hes living his life his own way no matter what you haters think. You guys sound like a bunch of fuckin babies. Eww im offended, nate does drugs. Get the fuck over it. Nates also right saying fuck snowboarding. Every fuckin snowboarder i meet anymore is a fuckin dooshbag. Snowboarding has been ruined by you little fuckers.

  16. C Smith
    C Smith says:

    Fuck Nate that was real! Sounds like you’re loving life and having an insane time in NY! I can’t believe people would write such hurtful mean shit about you. They’re pathetic people that would never say shit to your face except probably try and kick it with you! You’re a fucking diamond. Most people will never have the opportunity to move to NY and live it up for a year. Don’t die though homie!!! You’ll find a new passion now that you’re over snowboarding. Do what you want. ATWA in world of half dead clones. I hope you’ll still get to snowboard for fun though! Stay up!

  17. sam cosby
    sam cosby says:

    Nate did make some good points, and who cares what drugs he does. Nobodys perfect and its his body.
    Everyone that hates bozung needs to watch his part with cory in Love/Hate. It’s one of the best parts ever in my opinion.

  18. Get Over It
    Get Over It says:

    All you haters have nothing better to do than vibe each other out. Go swing a bat and grab your nuts. Leave snowboarding to those who do it strictly for fun. Most of you lil’ carbon copy pricks will stop riding within the next 5 years. You know nothing about this industry or anything else in life. Drugs are in every profession. I’m not condoning it but i’m not naive to it. Go have fun and If Nate is such a lost cause than why don’t you extend a helping hand. Chances are your homies are probably talking shit about you.

  19. todd loves black widows
    todd loves black widows says:

    running it on wide open throttle is one thing, using your face for a doodle pad is another. that shit is going to be a bitch to exfoliate ! nate, we miss you. love, todd n lindsy

  20. Really?
    Really? says:

    Nate, seriously?! Really? Nate hasn’t “cared” since 2002. I don’t think there is any hope and if I was Shaun Neff I wouldn’t even want him affiliated with Neff. It’s not sad, it’s pathetic. Kids: this is what drugs and partying do to you. You’re 29, party like you’re 21 and look like you’re 40.

    And I am allowed to talk shit because A. I work in the industry and B. I used to know the Nate who actually had potential to do something positive with his life. It makes me sad.

  21. haters
    haters says:

    who the fuck do all these haters think they are?
    hes a fucking adult and you bitches arent bozungs parents
    keep doing what you want and fuck these people who think they can tell you to do different

  22. nick
    nick says:

    bozung is so rad, he knows snowboarding is lame and the snowboard community is a bunch of pussies. if he was a pro skater he would be king just like lizard and antwuan are. hahaha

  23. SAD
    SAD says:

    Wow. This is just fucked up. You can’t afford coke but you can afford bar hopping and table service. Last time I checked, NYC table service was expensive….

  24. jimmy
    jimmy says:

    Bottle service is free if you’re in the know. Only suckers and dorks pay to party in nyc.

  25. duh.
    duh. says:

    do you son. stay up.

    Sittin’ in the mornin’ sun
    I’ll be sittin’ when the evenin’ come
    Watching the ships roll in
    And then I watch ’em roll away again, yeah

    I’m sittin’ on the dock of the bay
    Watching the tide roll away
    Ooo, I’m just sittin’ on the dock of the bay
    Wastin’ time

    I left my home in Georgia
    Headed for the ‘Frisco bay
    ‘Cause I’ve had nothing to live for
    And look like nothin’s gonna come my way

    So I’m just gonna sit on the dock of the bay
    Watching the tide roll away
    Ooo, I’m sittin’ on the dock of the bay
    Wastin’ time

    Look like nothing’s gonna change
    Everything still remains the same
    I can’t do what ten people tell me to do
    So I guess I’ll remain the same, yes

    Sittin’ here resting my bones
    And this loneliness won’t leave me alone
    It’s two thousand miles I roamed
    Just to make this dock my home

    Now, I’m just gonna sit at the dock of the bay
    Watching the tide roll away
    Oooo-wee, sittin’ on the dock of the bay
    Wastin’ time


  26. karnkarn
    karnkarn says:

    mmm a sad but true glimpse into anothers life. His part in love/hate was one of my favorites… the movie nonetheless. Ive never read an interview with these blatant references to hard drugs in it. Hopefully it isnt one young kids read too much because it could send the wrong message. Your words affect people youll never meet in life… but anyways I hope to see Bozwreck boards in Maine!>?

  27. Dewy
    Dewy says:

    “Its better to burn out than to fade away”
    Unless your Nate Bozung, then you can do both at the same time! Good job buddy!

  28. True
    True says:

    Yo beat is the kookiest website I have ever scene. Everything I see on here is embarrassing. It’s obvious the people that run this site are posers and a little to hip to the “scene” for your own good. Everyone knows it.

    Nothing about this article in general. Just venting in general I guess.

  29. fritz
    fritz says:

    I’m sorry YoBeat but this wasn’t my favorite article. I gained nothing out of reading this, I like Eric F. too, but dang that was bad.

  30. cory
    cory says:

    i wish i was cool enough to wear 5 lanyards around my neck and bleach my hair too!

    he looks like some dork you would see hangng out in the food court at a mall

  31. dummy
    dummy says:

    what kind of dummy thinks any kid looks up to nate enough to start on the hard drugs because nate does? they’d be on that path already. no one is going from choirboy to smackhead because of nate. give your head a shake. also way to exploit a sad situation yobeat, you get fucking shittier every year.

  32. scott
    scott says:

    dude’s 29? guy looks like he’s 45. i’m sure it’s not the drugs, that usually improves your look cuz girls flock like mad to ya. must be the toll pro snowboarding takes on a motherfucker. take heed, kids otherwise you’ll end up with scribbles on your cheek for life.

  33. Sam
    Sam says:

    Thank you for posting this!!

    It’s a candid interview with candid answers. A raw representation of life of someone’s – no bs. It’s raw, honest, and real. Because of that, it DESERVES to be published. You may not agree with Nate’s way of life (I certainly do not), but because of its candour (a trait not seen often in snowboard media) it’s a work that deserves to be seen.


  34. Adrian
    Adrian says:

    the real deal! killin it in NYC! fuck all the haters. the snowboard industry is totally fucked anyway.

  35. sam cosby
    sam cosby says:

    my bad on the cory/ matty thing.
    reguardless: Todd does love black widows and not responding to faceook posts

    and Bozung <3’s faceook

  36. tf
    tf says:

    damn, boz is a interesting dude. props on big fern for the interview, interesting topics man. you’re still a fag though.

  37. max
    max says:

    I didn’t know honesty would offend so many people.. Its sad to see how snowboard community expects pro shredders to be rolemodels like tiger woods or barry bonds.. Oh wait

  38. G
    G says:

    Great stuff! Most interesting thing I’ve read on YoBeat in awhile. I want to see more raw shit like this and not reach arounds with Todd Richards. Great job Fern

  39. ben strause
    ben strause says:

    is and will always be a legend. he sounds happy though, so keep having fun nate! oh and by the way, living in tahoe i am truly jealous of the girl to guy ratio you have in nyc.

  40. Yea
    Yea says:

    This is quite an entertaining interview…

    1. Of course Nate doesn’t give a shit what you think.. most drug addicts only give a shit about themselves.
    2. Happy people don’t live their lives like they don’t care if they’re dead by 35.
    3. If Nate is getting so many hot model girls in NYC why would tattoo the name of some facebook bitch he’s never met on himself and claim he’s going marry her?
    4. Of course he’s over the snowboarding industry, he can’t find investors or companies to pay him anymore. Come on, who’s gonna give this guy a paycheck or invest in anything this guy does? Everyone knows no money would go to promoting a brand or making a return, but in his nose, up his arm or whatever. This isn’t new and probably why most of his sponsers/investors dropped him to begin with.
    5. If this article inspires anybody to start using drugs, they are clearly stupid. Any smart person can see that Nate is on the fast track to a sorry situation.. hopefully not death. Nobody gets a free ride forever. He has obvious messed up his brain and looks like a schizophrenic homeless 40 year old.

    Anyway, props to YoBeat for printing it. Was a good read and if anything a message against drug use.

  41. Freedom86'
    Freedom86' says:

    Hahha, @yea those are some valid points. I hope Nate stays true to his word saying this is his last interview, because this shit is hardly relevant to the snowboard community.

  42. Zak Nichols
    Zak Nichols says:

    Pretty lame thing to promote, and it’s a shame that Bozung has thrown away so much opportunity and talent. Don’t hold any of this against NEFF… Shaun has a sweet company and is doing it for the right reasons, he can’t control what Nate does with his portion of the profits. Too bad Corey Smith doesn’t see the issues with his “friends” committing suicide slowly.

  43. Blah
    Blah says:

    Wow best anti drug photo i have ever seen. I am 29 as well and look about 100 years younger than Nate. If nonstop partying makes you look like a 45 year old homeless person no thanks. Thanks for scaring me straight.

  44. dogzilla
    dogzilla says:

    good lord. dude is a wreck. who gives a fuck if he does drugs, its his body, yet he still shouldnt be glorified on snowboarding websites anymore. hes clearly no longer a snowboarder, and so he shouldnt get anymore attention.
    his snowboarding has been beat since bozwreck 2 though, that part was fucking horrible

  45. Dodrugs Idid
    Dodrugs Idid says:

    that fag from Tyrent is the biggest fuckin retard to call himself a snowboarder there is no way Nate is a bigger fag caus at least Nate used to be a good shredder. Nate is a better example of a waste of opportunity than a waste of talent. there are a grip of young no name rippers that shred better than Nate ever did and these kids will never get the opportunities Nate was givin.

  46. Sam
    Sam says:

    At everyone who says this is “glorifying” Nate: are you kidding? Do you see anything glamorous about this? Does anything about this article say “If you wanna be cool, do lots of drugs and get lost for a while?” I didn’t. Apparently no one else did either. Sure some people have said “Nate is cool for doing whatever he wants” but that does not translate into “Therefore, I will be cool if I do tons of drugs.” It’s a good piece. Leave it alone and let it speak.

  47. Nisredna
    Nisredna says:

    What you folks are seeing here is a walking dead man. Of course this is his last interview, the only thing we will be reading about Nate in the future is his obituary.

  48. S-Video
    S-Video says:

    Hi Nate (and other YoBeat readers),

    Knowing reality – violence and death – can be overwhelming and lead to escapism. Some choose drugs, some find solace in groups and others snowboard (not at all mutually exclusive). How one chooses to escape is up to himer.

    Nate, no doubt … love can hurt and people can be cruel. But keep your head up homie. The haters probably still think snowboarding’s cool.

  49. Steve
    Steve says:

    Wait, how does he plan on renewing his lease? I’m pretty sure landlords don’t take payments in the form of drug use and being a douchebag.

  50. Derek
    Derek says:

    When he runs out of money he will come running back to snowboarding. Hes in a world of his own but he is smart enough to know the only way to keep his lifestyle going is through getting checks from snowboard companies. Man, True Life and Love/Hate made me love Bozung..

  51. Ben Rice
    Ben Rice says:

    Nate is just doing what Nate wants to do whats wrong with that he is a bad ass who doesn’t care. maybe yobeat should interview you snowboard internet stalkers, I could see it now.
    Q. so what do you do when your not snowboarding?
    A. I read every Page on every snowboard blog and make fun of anyone who is different and not that into snowboarding cause its a way of life BRO. Then right before bed I jack off to videograss and if I’m in the right mood maybe TB5 or TB6.
    Sweet interview, I really want to read about what your favorite candy is and what your idea of a perfect day is and OH Yeah my favorite color is blue. fucking snowboard queers.
    The COMUNE clone thing, god your dumb
    1. a small group of persons living together, sharing possessions, work, income, etc., and often pursuing unconventional lifestyles.
    2. a close-knit community of people who share common interests.
    Pick up a dictionary instead of a snowboard mag fucking SNOWBRO

  52. dogzilla
    dogzilla says:

    ben rice, clearly the insults hurt you deeply. at least now i can be satisfied knowing that myself, and everyone else on this site got to you.
    you pussy

  53. Get Over It
    Get Over It says:

    Nate. Celebrity Rehab pays up to $500,000 season. Exploit yourself! People want you to disappear but obviously you still generate talk. A word of advice to all you haters…..the best way to make someone go away is to ignore them. With that being said.. You are ALL pawns in the Bozung game. HAHA

  54. dogzilla
    dogzilla says:

    its true. you are. i read your yobeat interview, yours is more pathetic than nates! you emo!

  55. slumbutt
    slumbutt says:

    dogzilla you better watch out slumbutt will wreck your world and gut you like a fish.


  56. slumbutt
    slumbutt says:

    nate is a cool guy too.. fuck these dumb ass questions f*** all you meatbeaters. slumbutt will destroy.

  57. dffdsafds
    dffdsafds says:

    at least he was fucking honest and not trying to get people to like him like a good chunk of the people on here. It’s his life and if he wants to party, fucking let him party. I’m almost embarrassed to say i snowboard considering it seems like everyone on here is a little trash talking bitch. yes, that was hypocritical.

  58. TellinItLikeItIs...
    TellinItLikeItIs... says:

    Bozung on celebrity rehab- best idea ever…

    #81- S-Video- did we ever decide if you were Kyle S??? Jp

  59. snuff, sniff, sneff
    snuff, sniff, sneff says:

    Come on, lets all pretend like this isn’t part of snowboarding. As for “the Kids”, pay attention to this interview, this is where the dream life road ends. You could get your own clothing line or….

    Snowboarding is just like modeling. A small few “make it”, and some get wreaked on coke and belimia. Nate’s not wack, but fame and money are. snowboarding really has nothing to do with it.

  60. Jihad Jerry.
    Jihad Jerry. says:

    Pretty sure this is the first time anything on yobeat has reached 100 comments. Congrats.

  61. "High"er education
    "High"er education says:

    oh yeah, and ben its “god you’re dumb” not “god your dumb” but generally a good point bout the stalkers.

  62. Ben Rice Thinks He's Bob Dylan
    Ben Rice Thinks He's Bob Dylan says:

    Hahahahahaha, Ben Rice is such a fucking idiot. I live in Tahoe where this tool mooches couches and he’s the laughing stock of our industry. Enjoy your “comune” because everyone else is pointing and laughing at your pathetic ass. Seriously man, go play in traffic. Your interview was even more pathetic than this one if you want to put your life in perspective. WORSE THAN NATE BOZUNG. Hahaha, at least he was smart enough to mooch off a baller mormon instead of Corey Smith’s drug addicted patheticness.

  63. Boner
    Boner says:

    I will have to congratulate yobeat on this piece. It may generate enough hits to be on par with other B grade snowboard sites.

    Nate. Enjoy it. Keep it strapped and stay off the black tar.

  64. Dennis
    Dennis says:

    Internet is a wonderful media if you are fucking pussy that wants to hate on others without having to face them.

    You may or may not agree with Nate’s lifestyle ( Ben Rice’s, Corey’s, etc) but to sit behind a computer at work or at night cause you’ve got nothing better to do with your life and act like a tough guy.. really… you really think you are making a statement here?

    Did Nate say in his interview that you should stop snowboarding and move to NYC, or do what he does? No he did who are you to tell him what he should do!

    I say everybody experiences Snowboarding, Skateboarding a different way and YoBeat interviews different personalities and approaches and we read, learn a lesson from it or be inspired by it.

    Just enjoy Snowboarding the way you like it. Nobody is telling you what to ride, when to ride or where to ride. Totally trained, sober, in goretex for a powder-line in AK or on acid, in skinny jeans hitting a street-rail at night. I can appreciate both as long as there is passion.

  65. 2 fans from Amsterdam
    2 fans from Amsterdam says:

    Nate sucks dick for crack! Hahahaha…. You are my fucking hero! See you in the ally!

  66. Dan Marino
    Dan Marino says:

    Congratulations Eric Fernandez and Nate Bozung for wasting 5 minutes of my life. You two are Clowns! Eric for actually going through with this interview and then being dumb enough to actually publish it. Bozung, get your shit together…SLIPPING!
    Mommy must be proud of both of you. Do everyone a favor in the snowboard industry and disappear completely.

  67. MT
    MT says:

    Props to Dennis ….. post 104…best out of all of them……

    Freaking snowboarding is turning into the E! channel or MTV ….

  68. Fondi
    Fondi says:

    We’re all just gods’ trying to make sense with ourselves so ride on hercules or morrison or elvis or jimi or stevie or yea whatever, gotta make it great for yourself, sitting on here arguing about another persons actions contradicts what we are as individuals. shred for the love or die hating love because you can’t settle on it. your choice.

  69. deadlung
    deadlung says:

    the reason neff still supports him is because pretty much the whole idea of “neff” was nates idea, he told him they should make sum headbands and random dope shit, know your history before talkin shit. snowboarding needs a bozwreck, and ya, you little shits are ruining snowboarding, go win a contest. you still wont be as good at nate.
    love ya nutz no homo

  70. Zach
    Zach says:

    HAHAHAHA most controversial interview ever!

    hey pussies, go cry to your parents about people using drugs, scary right?

    and why is everyone talking about “the snowboard industry” like it’s some sacred thing. you can cry to Burton that someone isn’t playing by the rules. Christ.

  71. chuck Chillout
    chuck Chillout says:

    I have only one thing to say about this…..all you little fags talking shit on here. I would bet that if any of you were at an event or whatnot and saw nate thier you would all be on his balls. You are hypocrites!! Nate is the nicest dude…he likes to party..GET THE FUCK OVER IT!!

    LOVE 1 ANOTHER says:

    I read his interview and inside my heart I felt really sad about it and to be honest it effected me in a big way…. I just sensed his sadness, loneliness and need to be truly LOVED. You can’t find all that in partying, drugs and girls….. Nate needs GOD in a big way to heal him and bless his life beyond what he could ever ask for or dream of…. Gods love is so REAL and is exactly what everyone is seeking even if they don’t realize it. God knocks on everyones heart 24/7….

  73. scott storch
    scott storch says:

    fern good work putting this shit up. Nate do what you want. everyone else, do what you want. when did snowboarding become so critical and pussy…

  74. Markos
    Markos says:

    Your part in The Revival was an inspiration. My friends and I would use that part to tie our boots up to. all I know is that it’s got to be hard to move on from that level. Hope you can shake the bull shit off and come back at some point, run things on a positive vibe.

  75. Forrest
    Forrest says:

    Last time I checked we lived in America and to tell Yobeat to take down an interview is insulting. You dont have to agree with what is said in the interview but to take it down is absurd.

  76. Sam
    Sam says:

    Dear YoBeat,

    Keep these kind of interviews coming. I like actual interviews with people not dumbed down for the other media outlets.

    SEEK TRUTH says:

    it seems like a lot of people in the industry wear masks at least this interview is probably one of the most REAL interviews ever out there. most people seem to be trying so hard to be something their not. so sad. reminds me of that pink floyd song… 2 lost souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year….

    When ya got nothin to prove ya got EVERYTHING…. it’s true

    America is running on cheese these days…. jalapeno cheddar to be exact

  78. bob
    bob says:

    you see the thing is, he’s not even a legend… like that other guy said, just another cautionary tale.

  79. j
    j says:

    Seems like a squandered opportunity for an interesting interview. Instead of asking some hard hitting shit we got some Fisher Price ‘my first interview’ shit.

    “Nate is a better example of a waste of opportunity than a waste of talent.”

    Good point.

  80. nate bozung
    nate bozung says:

    hahahahahah that dude talkin shit seriusly i jus wanna say im worth million n i own part of neff hows ur job goin cause im chillin with supermodels n whatever so go suck a dick have fun @ ur job n ps i dont snowboard pro anymore n u still hate hahahahahahah ur a fuckin loser ill give u my addy n come say that to my face lol hahahahaha i looove it hate away it makes me even more money n pss i didnt even read this so wut that make u lol ur the loser lol

  81. atty
    atty says:

    Uuuu fucking idiots..boz owns part of neff he makes more money every year. He doesn’t do anything but what he wants bozwreck/neff/sacred..2 of those don’t even pay him and he’s still making more loot than most of those “pro” jocks. If he bites it tomorrow he’s gonna have loved his life more than u dweeebs

  82. heydamn
    heydamn says:

    There’s nothing more hilarious than a bunch of pro/industry hoes hating this hard. Your fucking lame. And so is the snowboarding industry. I probably made fun of you while you grab tindy and knuckle everyjump youhit. Fuck you.

  83. Steve
    Steve says:

    Bozung is a good dude. Mr Fernandez is pretty lame for asking the majority of questions he asked…Dip shit. Nate answered honestly and straight forward, (maybe not sober?) but straight forward. All the people talking shit..good for you, hope it boosts your ego a little more. Keep bargin Nate and keep making the cash money with NEFF!! If you have never been where Nate is don’t judge because you really have no idea!

  84. Benedek
    Benedek says:

    Agree with Steve. Bozung´s a good dude and i wish him the best. Sound a little bit like the NY version of “Leaving Las Vegas” which is sad. However, the interviewer blew this one, big time.
    These weren´t even questions, it reads more like someone fanning out with no concept of actually asking something.

    Bummer, cause it could have been real good.

  85. Miss Ern
    Miss Ern says:

    who the fuck are you people??? downer bitches. you act like you know…and you have no idea. you don’t. ps…there’s no such thing as bad press. i’m sure Nate thanks you for the attention.

  86. AtotheK
    AtotheK says:

    Tsk. Tsk.
    Dude what happened to just smoking and snowboarding? Most people move away from the east coast. You moved there to party? At least Peter Line is 35 and still riding. Have fun overdosing.

  87. BerntTaters
    BerntTaters says:

    or you could just post in any number of citys within range of a mountain and still be drugged out.

  88. The NoN
    The NoN says:

    First, it is pretty remarkable that this comment thread reached 141, 142 posts now. Second, I am not affiliated with the snowboard industry in any way, and I don’t even live near snow, I am just a lover of the sport. I live in OK for christ’s sake, but I go as much as possible from November to April, enough to at least be a good snowboarder. From an objective point of view, the interview was interesting, I didn’t know shit about Nate (other than his snowboarding) until I read this interview. While I think it is a little disappointing to read, and see Nate fall from grace so to speak, considering what a talent he used to be, I don’t think it gives any of you permission to come on an internet website and bicker like small children. I have read a lot of articles, and unfortunately, there isn’t really a truly objective opinion about something, (other than gear reviews) because everyone seems to have something shitty to say about the other. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about ‘the snowboard industry’ and the way it is, how petty and what not, and I gave it the benefit of the doubt for a long time, but the last year or so has really opened my eyes. I frankly don’t understand why you all have to be so high school. If you all don’t quit talking shit about each other, you’re going to ruin this sport. This isn’t an invitation to talk shit about my comment either, though I’m sure you middle schoolers will.

  89. Jason
    Jason says:

    Is nate still with Sessions? I have his bozung jacket. shit after reading this it might be a collectors item someday. Keep smokin nate!

  90. lame
    lame says:

    nate, whatever you do, please don’t kill yourself! get another bozwreck video out and, especially, get some new boards done. I’m over here in Germany and last year, our order with Milo got completely fucked up by them. Now, they’re out of boards. I’m sponsored and don’t need the board for riding but it really was the only snowboard I would ever have hung up on my wall along with the classic skateboard decks. Right next to the Chocolate Chico Brenes deck with the praying hands 🙂
    So please, make some new boards, get over your fight with Matty and do some snowboarding again!

  91. Kiley duhh.
    Kiley duhh. says:

    Okay seriously. All you haters can go fuck yourselves. Act like you know Nate. I know him personally and he rides at my home mountain on occasion. He’s mad chill. Whether he does drugs or not, you don’t see him forcing the kids that look up to him to do them do you? No. That’s their choice. Not his. So that can’t even be considered a deciding factor. He’s just telling the truth. Something almost everybody is beginning to forget how to do. He lives his life the way he wants. You can’t judge anybody for doing that. The snowboarding industry IS going to shit, and will eventually be exploited like Shaun White. THAT my friends, means that it’s fucked. He’s almost 30, he doesn’t have to snowboard anymore. He’s so right, who wants to make a come back at that age? That’s the prime time to grow up and start something new. He owns his own company. Why would he have to ride for anybody else? Snowboarding is a way of life, not a fucking job. He’ll do what he wants. I support Nate 100%, despite his bad habits. He’s still the fucking man.

  92. math berg
    math berg says:

    sell everything, buy a house, find a job, a wife, a life ,go snowboard and enjoi it …………….ex nate bozung fan

  93. didn't drop out of college
    didn't drop out of college says:

    @Kiley duhh

    “He lives his life the way he wants. You can’t judge anybody for doing that.”

    what about Hitler? he was just doin’ his thang – aint nutin wrong wit dat?

  94. Kiley duhh.
    Kiley duhh. says:

    @didn’t drop out of college

    Nah, as far as I’m concerned Hitler was a genius even despite what he did. That one man gained all of that power in such a short time. I’m sure you expect everybody in your life to accept you for you, correct? Even despite your flaws? Exactly.

  95. Emanuel Campfield
    Emanuel Campfield says:

    LOL, I’ve to say the on-line dating or electronic dating has come a long way from the days of straight forward chat rooms. A lot more and a lot more people are turning to on the web dating internet sites to screen likely dates.

  96. artofflight(scrashingintobuildings)
    artofflight(scrashingintobuildings) says:

    Dogzilla likes giant asian monster sized red rockets in his hairy butthole while hes strapped into his pow board in the backyard practicing his indy grabs with just a jock strap on

  97. Mike Abu
    Mike Abu says:

    Yo Boz, you, me and Lizard are going to rip Australia a new asshole this fall. Fuck shit up, wash, rinse, repeat………………………………..

  98. hoodrat
    hoodrat says:

    snowboarding is art… art should not be controlled by industry props to Nate and look how many comments that stirred

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