Skiing and Snowboarding — Worlds Apartheid

30s Thursdays

By Preston G. Strout

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Because I run a summer snowboard camp that chooses to remain 100% Snowboarding in this age of action sports homogony, a few people out there have accused me of being a snow bigot.  In light of these heinous allegations, I’d like to set the record straight.

Just because you prefer a leisurely carve down the mountain, without being whipped past by a ski racer shot out of a spandex cannon doesn’t make you a ski-race-ist.  And even if you think freeskiing’s a bit queer*, that doesn’t make you a sno-mophobe.
*(defined – adj. queer:  odd or unconventional, as in behavior)

Sure, I realize that without skiing, snowboarding probably would not even exist.  Skiing literally blazed the trails for snowboarding’s eventual birth and I give respect where respect is due. I also realize that it literally DOES NOT MATTER what you do… If it doesn’t harm other people — and you enjoy doing it: then by all means, do what makes you happy.

Now… before I go from being accused a snow-bigot to a ski-lover, allow me to strike a middle ground by poking fun at the goofiest sub culture of skiing: Free-skiing.

Here are 10 reasons I find freeskiing wacky:

1.) The fact that freeskiiers copy nearly every single thing that we (snowboarders) do. Ahem… 2 years later.
2.) Is it really necessary for the equipment to fly off when they fall?  I’ve fallen thousands of times on my snowboard and never once have I wished that my snowboard flew off.
3.) Doing tricks while holding poles… Ya know, if I wanted to see someone spinning around holding onto poles: I’d go to a strip club.
4.) Skiers on rails look like rollerbladers with size 47 feet.
5.) Tanner Hall. Is that guy serious?
6.) Those grabs.  It’d seriously look less awkward if they were all grabbing each other.
7.) Hitting jumps switch… it just looks ass backwards.
8.) Those giant sweatshirts.  It’s like they have midget envy.
9.) Let’s face it, no matter which way you’re spinning — it looks a bit “unnatural.”
10.) Those skis may be faster down the mountain… but my god it takes them forever to walk down the lodge stairs in those boots.

My 30-year-old advice:

It’s my general feeling that we stand to learn the most, from those who stand differently than we do.  As such, perhaps the sport of snowboarding could learn a bit from our pole-wielding brethren. It’s easy (and cowardly) to make fun of something that you don’t understand.  With this in mind, today I plan to ski how the other half lives.  Plus, a wise man once told me that you should “never talk crap about someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.  Because then you’re a mile a way, and you have their shoes.”


And so, behold: the new me.  As you read this, I’m most likely swooshing down Mt. Hood’s Palmer Glacier, sweat flying, gates abashing and poles a-planting.

I plan to learn from our sister sport, with an open mind and a pointy helmet.

I plan to report back fully next week on my experience into this alpine world. Hopefully better equipped to share my elderly advice.

  • CptShenanigans

    awesome. just, awesome. can’t wait to hear how this one goes

  • I love those goggles what are they?

  • Rian

    Amazing. I giggled the whole way through this.

  • Satan’s Horticulturist

    Some of those freeski chics are pretty hot (in comparison to the tall-T/basketball jersey wearing lot lizards on snowboards), and I’m never one to complain about a nice poll-whip down a long flat cat road. May I propose a policy of coexistance vs total homogany, though they do look like rollerbladers on race skates when they the rails.

  • Satan’s Horticulturist

    …..*hit* those rails

  • carl mcgnarl

    but maybe you should try freeskiing instead of gate bashing and ride some…er…rails?

  • too funny! he he

  • way too funny! he he

  • yeah, i remember my first blog too…just because you like to have poles in your face all day…

  • most snowboarders are cool with freeskiing but you just seem to be a douchebag

  • fuck boards

    4.) Skiers on rails look like rollerbladers with size 47 feet
    have you seen rollerblading lately just saying shits off the chain

    and fuck you and you one plank what about how you just fucking sit on the hill bitching

    im too tired to bash boarding right now i usually respect boarders but fuck you thats all i want to say

  • Ski Patroller

    The reason why ski bindings are designed to release is due to knee injuries. When you are strapped onto one plank (a snowboard) the knees can’t twist in awkward directions on impact. With skis the planks act as a lever to put stress on the knee during a crash. This is why the ski has to be released. Pretty much every knee injury I respond to occurred because a binding didn’t properly release. You sure are either a sad troll or mentally challenged.

  • Some Dude

    You are very ignorant. I snowboard and ride with the coolest skiers and riders ever. You sound like a gaper. Your camp probably sucks if you run it. It’s no longer the 80’s you douche grow up.

  • you’re a fucking idiot

    Too bad freeskiing has passed snowboarding in progression. Were comin up with new shit everyday and what are you guys doing? Sitting in random areas probably trying to get a wank off.

    this blog makes me laugh. Get a life.

    Nice suit by the way.

  • stfu

    your a faggot. look at the pictures you put in your blog. honestly. SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH!

  • nice dildo

    is that a dildo on your table?

    • admin

      hahah gather a ski message board found out about this post. But did one of you seriously just try and hate on the article by saying rollerblading was cool?

  • Guy From

    You’re a nobody compared to Tanner.

  • O_RRY

    Really? Your camp must be shittier than the shits I take after I drank some exlax. You really don’t understand how ski bindings work? When we fall hard enough, we can end up with a torn ACL, but our bindings prevent it, it is very similar to when you start sucking you camp members dicks too hard that they need to pull out before you rip it off. Welcome to 2009 dickwad, 80s were 20 years ago.

  • fuck boards

    admin you fucking retard i was saying that comparing rollerblading to skiing rails is totally different < rolling edit from 2008
    see the grinds are more tech and harder

    just saying grinds in skiing are soo different that rollerblading

    just shut the fuck up you gaper fucking snow boarder go sit on the side of the mountain hating on people

  • Chads_Gap_From_Alta

    Snowboarding is dead dood.

    I know your scared because its 70/30 skiing to snowboarding now in most parks but you don’t have to be such a poon jab.

    And next time you are snowboarding how about you actually spin the full trick instead of landing 90 off and sliding around on everything.

  • hate

    Its funny how snowboarders hate so much because they realize how skiing has room to progress and that its growing super fast. Snowboarders look like fucking nubs when they spin, suck at rails, and steal everything from skateboarding.

    Its weird how you say skiers bite of off snowboarders when your whole sport is based off of skiing and skateboarding, where skiing is straight original.

  • newshoolers

    1) Snowboarder originally copied their tricks from skateboarders so your point about skiers coping is irrelevant.
    2) we (skiers) have two different objects to stand on so knee injuries are common.
    3) Poles bring style something you in your skin tight suit have clearly never heard of.
    4) how do skis look any less steezier than snowboarding on rails
    5) He adds variety into the sport instead of one guy winning all of the time.
    6) How does a 5 nose grab look shit when you compare it to some guy on a snowboard squatting in mid air as if he is about to take a sh*t.
    8)It makes everything look smother and is really comfortable.
    9)how does corking a 10 then afterbanging look “wacky”
    10) the people who take ages to walk down stairs are not freeskiers. We would slide down them. If you are complaining about waiting then surely having to strap in every run is far worse.

    I have no hate towards boarders and ski with many.
    For your camps do you make everyone dress like they belong in the 80’s.

  • gape

    you’re a fucking tool get your head out of your ass

  • cripkilla

    dont be dissin skiing, we invented snowsporst

  • H-Bar

    I was under the impression that the missing link was not found, yet, i discovered it today.

  • NS


  • goombastomp

    the only thing lamer and more outdated than ski racing is snowboard racing. you’re not even part of the respectable board sport you’re looming over freeskiing. you’re a joke.

  • goombastomp

    oh and have you ever actually seen t hall shred?


    I totally agree with the blogger. This site has even more reasons why snowboarding is 10X better then skiing:

  • fuckuman

    hahaha, i was gonna read the rest till i saw you step at tanner. that guy is everything you wish you could be, i dont understand, you call him goofy, then post yourself posing in a dh suit on the internet?

  • Hi there,

    I recently just won $20,000 in a contest. Oh shit, and I’m a freeskier!

    Yeah, fuck you.


  • Nick

    You fucking gate basher, usually im chill with snowboarders but you just seem like the biggest douche ever

  • chadsgap1234

    theres is no reason for any hate between the sports, they feed off of each other but for some reason it always seems as if it is snowboarders starting arguements all the time. Grow up, respect all the sports on the mountian.

    And how can you say anythign about skiing and not even see the need for binding release. If you didn’y have pictures I would have guessed you were a 12 year old kid horribly influenced.

  • chris

    his camp is high cascade snowboard camp… maybe you’ve heard of it. it doesn’t exactly “suck” but the fact that he’s being ignant does.

  • cracks me up how any skiers look at this site…. thought this was a snowboard website

  • cracks me up how much of a homo you are…i guess this site is only for pickle-lickers

  • Preston

    Preston Stroud here. Disregard that. I suck cocks.

  • blake

    dear skiers,

    I am so glad that one of you found this article and posted it on newschoolers so that every skier in the world could come and post really bad internet hate. You have officially made my weekend. I hope you all enjoy skiing’s place in the world as the next FMX

  • Ryan

    Hi Tom Wallisch,

    No one cares.


  • poop

    high costpaid

  • is the reason snowboarding is gay

  • blake

    Dear Skiers,

    Thank you so much for making my weekend. I really enjoyed reading all of the ridiculous things you had to say (i.e. rollerblading is cool, snowboarding is dead, etc.) It made my weekend. I’m just so stoked that someone found this page, and linked to it on newschoolers so all of you could come and post the best comment board hate transworld has never seen.

    pleaseeeee don’t stop

  • That’s What

    she said

  • its simple.

    that simple.



    that simple.

  • Tim D.

    Seriously? your a fucking faggot to say im not gonna hate on skiiers because my sport would never be where it is without skiing but its gay anyways. Preston fuck you!!! you look like a fucking flamer in your faggot ass suit. take your eyes off of the dudes bush whose dick you are currently sucking and realize what skiing has really done.

    people like you fucking piss me off.

  • colea

    ok… first.. i had respect for any freeskier.. and still mostly do.. haha but blake is right.. its the new FMX. you might wanna start wearing tap out and metal mullisha shit now..

    and my onlyyy reason ive thought skiers were a bit.. well… gayyyyy… is because they stil use the word STEEZY.. sorry but that word is about as gay as a skier with 4 layers of tall tees

  • colea

    ohh and i think we all understand whyyyy your bindings release… its just stoopid. when we fall we dont take 30 fucking minutes to gather our shit up and start riding again.. i think thats the point he was goin for.

  • mel

    i think it…
    you type it…

  • HuckaPotamus

    Wow. I didn’t even think we were on snowboarders’ radar. Thanks for the honor Preston. In gratitude I would like to return the favor and present you with a compendium of why I find snowboarding wacky.

    Top Ten Reasons Why I Find Snowboarding Wacky

    1. Snowboarders copy nearly every damn thing skateboarders do. Sorry gents, even though you’re sideways, you’re strapped in and they don’t care what you do.
    2. One-footed tricks look goofy. Stop it, you look like a kiteboarder.
    3. Treewells. How do you guys keep dying in those things?
    4. Tai-Pan. Roast Beef. Seatbelt. This is grabbing, not Twister
    5. The Dingo? Is that guy serious and how’d you let him be the TV face of snowboarding.
    6. Excessive trick naming. Del Mar versus Indy? Come on guys, it’s tiny shift of your body, not an entirely new grab.
    7. Split Boards? Really? You sawed your board in half? Buy a pair of skis already.
    8. Tight pants, long hair and headbands. It’s like you have Joan Jett envy.
    9. For a sport that is obsessed with it’s ‘core’ image, your sure found the geekiest, straightest-edge ginger kid to be your poster child.
    10. Although you guys might walk down lodge stairs fast, it’s sure fun to blow by ya as you non-mongo your way across that flat cat track.

  • CptShenanigans

    i think the internet stole everyone’s sense of humor

  • amy

    skiers’ angry comments have made this even better.

  • Scott

    What’s the difference between skiiers and vaginas, the way you attach the douche bag. Tanner Hall is just a high paid kook. Skiing and roller blading are so fabulously gay.




    I know Skiing will always be fun, but it sure isnt as cool as snowboarding. We just look like big crickets with our floppy skis, and the poles do look really dumb on rails. I will admit this much. Also look at ski fashion. Endless layers of progressively longer shirts, starting with a white t on the bottom that touches our shins, then goes to the next neon layer that touches our knees, then on to a neutral color that touches our crotch then on to the next layer that is the outer layer that stops at the beltline. This last layer is where we love to advertise how gay we are with a picture of some disney character with money and a gun.(Which is a really gay trend we stole from Lucas Magoon)

  • skiing is gangster


  • woops

    somebody earlier on actually said rollerblading was cool…

  • AtGnat8

    this made my night. thanks to all of the haters, on both sides, for making this post reach such an astronomical level of awesomeness.
    and congratulations to that guy that won $20k, if he actually did.


  • helen keller

    hey you know what’s fucking cool guyz? not giving a fuck. and you know who doesn’t a fuck about who is ‘cooler’ (whatever that means)? I don’t. So shut the fuck up. Bitchass trickass cunts.

  • When I saw this had 59 comments on it, I went and made popcorn. I did. Thank you kids for the entertainment.
    For the record, I think skiing is fucking cool. I don’t care for the freestyle type, but freeriding ia badass.. And chicks who ride normal, non-snowboard type twin tip, skis are hot.

  • yo yo yo

    the comments are almost as good as the post!!!

  • get blades you chumps!

    most you marks dont realize that the obstacles u hit in the park and the tricks u do are literally things only rollerbladers would hit on street… i.e. taps and bonks, spins to grinds, switch up variations, and huge drops… your strapped in tight and have queer lil buckles just like blades…. Theres literally no difference between the feel of doing a nose press and doing that same one foot trick on blades. SO In other words you haters are pansys just like rollerbladers so get the fuck out of here trying to compare yourself to real skateboarders… those fools think snowboarders are just as gay than bladers….. and for the record I SNOWBOARD. people are ignorant trying to follow the trend of hating other sports cuz big brother thrash master told u so. You cant deny the fact bikers, bladers, surfers, even random scooter kids can lay it down.

  • java

    Great article Preston. I read it and really enjoyed it.


    -I just read the comments, and they were significantly better than your article.

  • chrisgulick

    didnt have time to read all of these so i might be saying something that has already been said, but these “newschoolers” are just proving all of our points. they are an “agro” group of kids who do pull ups and circle jerks in training to learn there new 8 part switch up combo on the down rail. not to say they are all like this. and that there are not snowboarders like this too. id say 30 percent of snowboarders are like this while only 30 percent of skiers are not like this. but when it come down to it we’re all vain motherfuckers tryin to push our shit on the internet. fuck everything. check it out if you want some fresh shit to hate on.


    It’s pretty funny that a bunch of 16 year old kids can come on here acting like they represent a website they have nothing to do with aside from signing up for a free membership for, or a sport they have nothing to do with besides buying a set of twin tips. Ignore the spam, the only thing these kids represent is their parents’ bank accounts. Ask anyone actually on staff at and they’d say this was actually pretty damn funny.

  • Ghost

    oh shit. I’m a skier and I’m dying here. Top 10 reasons was hilarious. Bravo

  • hahaha what an awesome list! So true too, but how was your day as a racer

  • Preston, it seems kind of strange that you would be bashing freeriding while showing yourself in a racing Suit. Maybe your skiing adventure that you had planned was going to be mostly gate skiing, but it makes you look confused. IDK, maybe you mistook a GS Suit for a G Suit. Franz Fuchsberger, the owner of Fuxi Racing and maker of your suit, is a good friend of mine. I’m stoked that you are helping promote his product. I’m all for a good rant and some of your comments were pretty funny. The wardrobe selection was kind of puzzling.

  • Cam

    HAHA I LOVE HOW SNOWBOARDS ARE JEALOUS NOW THAT SKIING HAS TAKEN OFF! Boarders are hesh faggs…that’s a great style to copy! Keep talking shit about skiing when skiers are owning all you posers.

  • Snow boarding was cool in 1995. Now they just look like a bunch a homo’s in tight pants doing the same grabs. Snowboards- keep sitting above the kickers in the park watching skiers own your weak asses.

  • 1.) The fact that freeskiiers copy nearly every single thing that we (snowboarders) do. Ahem… 2 years later.

    We don’t copy your hesh style because it makes you look like a group of fags

    2.) Is it really necessary for the equipment to fly off when they fall? I’ve fallen thousands of times on my snowboard and never once have I wished that my snowboard flew off.

    I like my ACLS

    3.) Doing tricks while holding poles… Ya know, if I wanted to see someone spinning around holding onto poles: I’d go to a strip club.

    Sucking dick on the chairlift like while holing your friends balls is super gay, that trend in growing daily in snowboarding

    4.) Skiers on rails look like rollerbladers with size 47 feet.

    if you 5050 another rail i’m going to find you and shoot you because it’s so goddam easy

    5.) Tanner Hall. Is that guy serious?

    He owns every snowboarder

    6.) Those grabs. It’d seriously look less awkward if they were all grabbing each other.

    You do the same grabs from 1990, do a double nose grab and home travis rice fucks you up the asshole

    7.) Hitting jumps switch… it just looks ass backwards.

    there is no switch in snowboarding, it all looks the same

    8.) Those giant sweatshirts. It’s like they have midget envy.

    wow that is a shitty joke, maybe you were running out of ideas?? fag…

    9.) Let’s face it, no matter which way you’re spinning – it looks a bit “unnatural.”

    Watching snowboarders try to cross flat ground looks “unnatural”

    10.) Those skis may be faster down the mountain… but my god it takes them forever to walk down the lodge stairs in those boots.

    I can walk fine down stairs, I want to punch you so bad.


  • my mom snowboards

  • this is amazing. i like tanner hall

  • snurkin

    holy shit this is awesome. congrats brooke and co.!

  • i like snow

    I haven’t seen this sort of hostility since 1998 when getting denied into a ‘snowboard park’ because I was carrying weapons (ski poles). I thought that the haze of gondola rides on a power day killed these arguments a long time ago. No?

    It just sounds like everyone needs some TLC from the snow gods and whatever else their preference may be. The rather phallic looking blue item on the table in the photo at the top does bring Preston’s orientation into question. HA! But that’s his choice.
    Me, I just shred. Who’s with me?

  • Beezey

    actually im a freeskier and i found this kinda funny. however, itd be funnier if it was coming from someone who skied
    soo yeah
    watch a tom wallisch edit then read this and youll agree with me, worthless hate

  • darrek d

    looks like someone watched johnny tsunami a little to much when they were little

  • pat f

    so good. so good.

  • lk

    some people obviously dont understand sarcasm.

  • you were adopted

  • satans helper

    Just wait man. 2012. they’ll be coming for you first!

  • Barack Obama


  • your camp sucks you fucking tool. Windells>High Cascade. Fucking ignorant prick.

  • What the blogger is saying is completely false.
    You’re a shame to the snowboarding community.

    Jake Burton.

  • Tanner Hall



  • Bode Miller

    I dont know waht to sayy Im kinda Drunk lol

  • Fuck You

    how fucking dumb are you

  • a skier

    hah, it was pretty funny and true.

  • Cole

    LOLOLOL SKIERS ACTUALLY THINK PRESTON AND ALL OTHER SNOWBOARDERS ARE GONNA CARE IF THEY RETALIATE WITH THEIR MEANINGLESS COMMENTS, why dont you guys go back to the bunnny slope and try to lay a little lower on the yardsales, I really dont enjoy having to avoid your silly poles and skis as they could cause even more accidents, oh and if you think the dingos bad, just look at tanner hall……….

  • Welcome, Preston!

    Give the guy a break he just got out of the cryo-chamber.

    Let me be the first to welcome you to the twenty-first century!

  • @Cole

    you retaliated so obviously you do care what we say 😀

  • bra

    hey bra,

    who the fuck blogs anyways?

    later fag!

  • wow i really thought we were past this but i guess there a lot of butthurt assholes who wont give it up i am going to post a sick ski edit then a sick snowboard edit i wont say which i am i advise you all to watch the other sport so we can stop being butthurt assholes skiing snowboarding

  • Shawn White

    I love cock. Skiing kicks snowboardings ass.

  • cool boarders rule.

  • This is a load of shizzzz. Snowboarders tear up the snow cause they slide down the snow sideways. and who’s the one standing there in the skin tight suit? your big board is just a compensation. and screw you ryan whos hating on t-wall! WOW is all i can say. are you a 5th grader?

  • Jack

    Get with the times dumbfuck. Skiers are throwing down way harder than boarders now. All of you boarders just do it cuz you saw that shit on ESPN and you want to be like Shaun White. When do park skiers ever publicly call out snowboarders, publicly? Never. You are the dumbest thing that has ever emerged from you mother’s stinky vagina. Oh I have a joke:

    How many snowboarders does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    I dunno cuz they’re all still sitting at the top of the terrain park, looking cool and stuff.

  • Jack

    oh yeah newschoolers. representin

  • gayfish


  • fuckyou,lovenewschoolers

    arrogance at its best right there. too bad you can’t just get along. i ski with snowboarders and skiers alike and we’re all just happy to be out skiing. hope you enjoy this.

    1.) yeah sure, atleast we make it look good. lets see a zero spin on a snowboard (looks just like a straight air to me), what about a pretzel? or a screamin seamen, or hippy killer, etc. the list goes on.
    2.) is it necessary for snowboarders to keep skiers waiting while they buckle their boots to their board? personally i’d rather just be able to click my skis in when i start skiing, and click them off once i’m done, not every time i go on a chair lift.
    3.) strip clubs are probably the closest thing to actionyou get. and hey, look whose laughing when all the snowboarders are stopped on flat sections and skiers can just push on by.
    4.) snowboarders on rails look like skateboarders who got scared of falling off their skateboard so they strapped it to their feet.
    5.) Danny Kass. Isn’t he in jail in NZ?
    6.) Someones just jealous cause skiers have more options
    7.) You try heading up to a 70 foot jump looking over your shoulder. fuck you.
    8.) Yeah cause snowboarders don’t wear tall shit as well… good one hypocrite
    9.) Clearly you’ve never seen Tom Wallisch
    10.) WOuldn’t take me long to kick you in teh balls with them.

  • The Fucking Man

    I hope you get raped over and over again

  • so cool

    you think your hot shit but your really cold diarrhea

  • poop dick

    you clearly have one due to the guys you bend over with, not to get it confused with my dick that got poopy after you mom forgot to wipe her hairy butt hole that i ejaculated into

  • dancing on tv

    how many skiers are on dance shows that air on prime time tv??? Ohhh thats right!

  • skier

    wow this got out of hand. what is the need for the hate, we are enjoying the same things in life. both sports have pros and cons and advantages and disadvantages over one another. we’re all out there for the same thing, something so peaceful and positive until everyone’s internet ego goes bezerk over this douchebag, has been, cocky snowboarder who obviously has lost whatever “skill” he once had. Unite mothafukas!

  • white boy

    – skiers arent on dance tv shows^^ahaha
    – skiers do not have 10 video games out
    – they dont make shitty plastic skis to take to the sled hill
    – skiers push the limits and do death defying tricks compared to fruit booting, unlike snowboarders who think its cool to be anti and hit 5 foot logs while skateboarders slide 30 ft dfd rails
    – skiing is not played every day through corporate commercials to appear cool as a marketing scheme

  • no

    this article is the same thing as arguing ways to smoke weed….. it goes against the fucking reason for doing it in the first place. you must not like powder, the mtns, good times, or any of that great stuff.

  • i knew it!

    your a gypsy!!!!

  • back bone

    take the battery out cha back and get one

  • Lick My Grundle

    do it douchebag.

  • bongo

    This was by far the best I’ve seen in hate from the new ski generation. My God could you have more complex to snowboarding and skateboarding. As long as you guys have fun on your skis you’re fine by me but the amount of hate you spew is retarded. get a life

  • i found it really funny. who HASN’T made fun of thall already.

  • chickenfucker

    I agree with every statement in this article


    read some books child and get some skiing history or at least general logic. Get learned fool!

  • tru dat shit yeaaa

    if i ski on lib tech does that make me cool then? because they are not skis but narrow ass snowboards!!!

  • Your Starting a War

    Your an idiot more snowboarders where tight clothes then skiiers. Snowboarders are trying to be gypsyies. And seriously danny kass and shawn white are the faces of your sport its like ryan seacrest and justin timberlake. Get the fuck out of 1990 and realize that your an idiot.

  • You are a douche. You’re the fucking shittiest goober I’ve ever seen. Why do you need to call out skiers? Because you’re a douche? Thought so.

    We’re all just chillin on the mountain side and here comes you, the faggot with the shitty blog, and we’re all like “lol wuttttt.” So shut up.

    And by the way, your sister skis.

    Yours truly,
    Glen Plake’s mohawk

    P.S. Imagine me…and your mom…in your bed…buttfucking. Okay that is all. Good bye now assfucker.

  • I wasnt going to comment, but decided to anyways.

    Seth Morrison.

    Next time you think Skiing is gay, google Seth Morrison.

  • SStalling

    I just got pizza grease all over the scroller on my computer cause i had to keep reading the comments, well worth it. Comment board definately outdid the already entertaining blog. ESPN’s humorous rebuttal was also very well done. Good Work Preston.

  • SStalling

    oh and Tom Wallisch is officialy a d-bag. Claiming your prize money on a message board? cool. Next up should be a d-bag of the week blog. guess whos first.

  • SStalling

    Next you guys should start a D-Bag of the month column and make Tom Wallich the first on the list for claiming prize money on an internet message board. Not helping the skiers arguments. i know i spelled his name wrong, so no need to hate on that little girls.

  • calm down

    kind of a funny article but i ski with boarders and skiers and everyone needs to chill the fuck out and not take shit too seriously. this whole comment thing is ridiculous if you look at it. skiers copy shit from snowboarding, get over it its the truth. snowboarders take things from skating too, not a big fucking deal. being really tough on the internet by saying how gay tanner hall or d kass is is also pretty fuckin stupid.

    get better lucas m

  • Cole

    Hahahahaha the fact SKIERS ARE STILLLLLL commenting this is hilarious, this is a SNOWBOARD site, go make fun of us on ur dumb newschoolers shit and see how many of us care to respond(unlike all of u babies). get a life and go jack off to ur ski porn and ur own websites, we don’t care about your wining or your sport, whos pushing the limits……yada yada yada.

  • bigcody


    skip the middle men and just split board
    quit crying and preston
    your my deez homie

  • Ryan G.

    Okay, time for my two cents.

    You have no fucking clue what you’re talking about.

    Top Ten Reasons Why Your Wacky List Is Really Fucking Wacky

    1.) Look up the Octograb. And the Guitar Grab. And the Kangaroo Flip. And any double, really. So what did we steal from you, exactly, that you didn’t in turn steal from skatebaorders? Oh, and look up Ski-BASE. Ever hear of Snowboard-BASE? I don’t think so. Thanks, Shane, you’re the man. RIP.
    2.)Yes, it’s really necessary for the equipment to fly off when we fall, so we don’t tear our ACLs.
    3.) Well first off, many park rats don’t use poles. Second, any skier with good technique uses the pole to make good turns and sexy-ass carves, and they just happen to be there when we throw switch cork 12’s. It’s not like we decided to put them there just for jumps. Oh, and by the way, you know that when you have to take your back foot out of the binding and push along cat tracks like a crippled stray dog that you wish you had poles.
    4.) Snowboarders on rails just look fucking goofy. Have snowboarders been doing 360 switch-ups lately? Maybe I should add that to my list of shit we came up with.
    5.) Oh he’s serious. He’s one of the most decorated athletes in Winter X, makes a shitload more money than you’ll ever make, and is constantly progressing the sport. He’s a fucking champ.
    6.) Our grabs are fucking sick. Your grabs look like an ape smacking the ground. And I’ve thought that since before I started freeskiing.
    7.) Snowboarders hitting jumps switch…doesn’t look any different. You try flying at a 100-foot gap knowing that you’re about to go upside down and sideways twice…and then do it completely backwards.
    8.) You wore those giant ass sweatshirts (remember MFM?) before you decided that performing a winter sport in tight jeans was the better way to go. Wait, where have I seen those jeans before…oh right, on Corey fucking Duffel. He’s a skateboarder, right? Thought so…
    9.) Let’s face it, no matter which way you’re spinning – it looks a bit retarded.
    10.) I can run up and down a flight of icy stairs in my ski boots. Beat that, bitch.

    I love snowboarding, but I hate pussies like you that have no clue what the fuck they’re talking about.

  • Ryan G.

    Oh shit, almost forgot!

    Hippy Killers, Jackknifes, Bindsouls, (silly names, we know) all stuff that not only did a skier come up with, but shit that you can’t even physically do!

    Oh, and try a zero spin on a snowboard.

  • ha, im a skiier, and those top 10 reasons were pretty funny, i dont really have much against snowboarding and i know allot of snowboarders have nothing against skiing.
    but preston, your suit is gayer than jerking it to bob saget.
    and if being a skiier made you gay, then we would all have to be at your camp, cause it sounds like it has bigger sausage fests then germany.

  • Skidubaiguy

    I both Ski and Snowboard, and can do one as well as i can do the other, i even have the image of the snowboarder, none of this gangster shit the pros and other skiers wear. I ski more than i board, why? Because i find it more fun, and thats what it should be all about, fun. Who cares what you do? Whether your board, ski or sit on an inflatable paris hilton to ride the slopes it doesnt matter, aslong as your not killing anyone, bringing the slope income so they dont shut and having fun, its all good.

  • Sam

    The fact that this sort of ignorance is still around in this industry is absolutely mindblowing. Not only has snowboarding hit a plateau in terms of growth compared to skiing (which is growing quite a bit), your list of reasons why it’s wacky is so outdated and uninformed I can’t believe this blog gets support by people within the industry. Who hopefully have a much more even keeled respect for skiing and anything else snowsports related compared to you. Dick. These comments are something i would expect from a 12 year old. Not a 30 year old that runs a summer camp. Wow you’re obnoxious.

    Was your attempt at dressing like a racer from the early 90’s really how you thought you’d make fun of freeskiers? Because you just look like an ignorant asshat. Sure some trends in freeskiing are a little wacky and easy to make fun of. But snowboarders are certainly guilty of the same things, if not worse in some cases (you guys wear little girls jeans… just as lame as a racer suit).

    I like snowboarding, and MOST snowboarders. But you are the epitome of what is wrong with the interaction between the two sports. I hope you don’t have any legitimate ties to this site because I did have some respect for the articles posted here before reading this garbage.

    I hope you have a good day packing fudge at your camp.

  • Skiers suck at rails huh?

    Just because you can ride off the lip and onto a rail straight doesn’t mean snowboarders are better at rails. Half the kids on snowboards 5050 the rail, its like they wouldn’t even know they hit the rail. It takes not skill at all. Try it on skis. I ski with a bunch of skiers and snowboarders. We all push each other to progress and we all learn new tricks. I saw my friend on a snowboard do a lip backside 270 or something like that in a game of rad in the pro division of the comp. He stuck it on his first try and he was competing against guys twice his age that were sponsored. My friends that ski have also progressed just as much. You are a piece of shit.

  • philosoraptor

    LoL WUT. The article was pretty funny even being a skier. I think this was some classic rage inciting and you deserve a medal.

  • all us snowboarders are close and can agree there is nothing like wakeing up in the moring and going to the mountain and sucking are own wieners i just love the fact that us snoboarders can be so close i cant wait to wake up in the moring and put on my leather thong and tight pants then go to the park with all my snoboarding buds and just suck then i will go and wait till i can go to the mountain with my snowboard and leather thong and tight pants to do it all over again

  • LSD

    There are equally wack people/tricks/style in snowboard as skiing but who the fucks cares dont we all shred to have fun and smash buttholes?

  • you sire, are a stinking pile of douchebags

  • esamadeee

    alright sir,

    you are dumb.
    to prove you are dumb…. im going to give 10 reasons.

    1. skiers have actually been pushing progression. Apparently the biggest thing in snowboarding pipe now is doubles…. skiers have been doing those for like…errrrr four years now. Also when it comes to speed and air… we go biggger! simon dumont (who i dont like by the way) went 35 ft out on a quarter owning whatever you snowboarders have produced . Suck it

    2. is it necessary for equipment to fly off? Ummm yes. Im not really into getting a torn ACL everytime i fall.

    3. your not really into poles? alright. Im not really into unstrapping on cat tracks or before and after chairlifts like you guys have too.

    4. 47 ft feet? hot damn! you’re only off by like 42 feet. And anyways, you know what they say about people with big feet. Big D’s son!

    5. Danny Kass, is that guy serious?

    6. now your complaining about our grabs? you try to grab the tips of skis. Its not easy… on account that we have 47 ft feet too.

    7,actually hitting a jump switch looks ass forward. think about it.

    8. giant sweatshirts… you might be referring to henrik harlaut. For your info he just did a 1620 with steeze. Embarassing what any of your snowboard buddies have ever done.

    9.your talking about unnatural? whats more unnatural…. going down a mountain facing forward.. or going down a mountain facing sideways??

    10. stairs have never really been a problem. especially ones with handrails.

  • snowboarder MI

    i really dont understand why all theese skiers are on a website for snowboarding ? maybee becuase yobeat says making fun of snowboarding? i really dont get it

  • ^ fail. just by existing yobeat really is making fun of snowboarders. just look at this article, he makes fun of a sport when he has no idea what he’s talking about, then tries to make fun of it more by going to try it when hes actually trying a completely different sport, racing. by trying to make himself look cool hes just making himself look like a douche, this in turn makes yobeat look like the gayest site ever (though the name already achieved that, this just adds to it)

  • Preston is gay

    i would really want to beat the shit out of preston..

  • Shithead

    start it at :25, watch entire thing, then look me in the internet eyes and tell me that this is not sick.

  • Shithead

    hey Preston, during the six days out of the year that you go ride, ever wonder why strangers never talk to you on the lift? why people giggle and whisper behind you in the lift line? why the lifties just smirk and roll their eyes at you?

    because you’re a goddamned tool, and its obvious to everyone who even glances at you. Any skilled respectable snowboarder, or skier for that matter, will tell you it doesn’t matter how many planks you have on your feet, as long as you’re having fun on the snow.

    you are a disgrace to the winter sports community.

    oh, and you didn’t see me, but the night Wallisch was railing your mother i was in the corner taping it. After we both afterbanged on her worthless face, she told us to mail you the tape so “that faggot son of mine can finally see how a real man tears up the loose, crinkly vagina he came out of.”

  • you clearly are an idiot, becouse, like freeskiing took from snowboarding, snowboarding took from a combo of skiing, surfing, and skating. heck, you guys even grind rails and shit, so look back at ur roots, and look at who you are dissin on fool

  • lol

    remember when snowboarding used to be cool?
    You know, when it wasn’t in every taco bell and mtn dew commercial?

    The counter-culture is skiing right now.

    But keep wearing those tight pants and acting punk……we’re not laughing with you, we’re laughing AT you.

  • Preston G. Strout

    who keeps deleting my posts? i have a two inch dick and my mom has huge tits

  • Preston G. Strout

    i wish ski restorts had locker rooms so i could go shower with my fellow snowboard shedders 😉

  • Mezzy

    wow… those are the most ignorant top 10 reasons ive ever seen! ok and riding switch? at least u can tell the difference between us riding switch and regular…

  • darrek d


    fuck you

  • admin

    Oh hi. First off, Thanks New Schoolers for the entertainment and the traffic. But all of your points have been made so we’re shutting off the comments. We’re glad you like skiing still.

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