20 Ways You Know You Grew up Snowboarding in the 90s


Snowboarding was simpler in the 90s. Fewer people did it, the Internet hadn’t ruined it yet, and the popular consensus was to keep shit punk rock. Snowboarding was turning mainstream, and depending on who you asked, it was the beginning, or the end. For the riders who grew up in this magical decade and are still at it, there’s a bit of nostalgia floating around these days. Maybe because it hurt a lot less back then (getting old sucks) but mostly because that’s just kinda how things work. So, for you, my fellow 30+ board brethren, here’s 20 things that will remind you how old you are.


1. You’ve answered the question “How do you stop on those things?” on a chairlift.

Snowboarding was accepted, but far from mainstream in the 90s. Our parents still assumed it was a fad and you’d often encounter incredulous skiers asking absurd questions. Hell, Transworld even made a shirt with the answers.


2. You know TB stands for Totally Board.

While technically Fall Line Films was the first, the 90s were all about TB and Mack Dawg. Dawger was arguably more hip with younger riders, while the TB movies had lots of big mountain sections to fast forward through. But either way, you bought them both, every year.


3. You remember thinking it was insane when Jeff Brushie signed a 1.3 million dollar contract with Ride.

But still thought it was cooler when he rode for Burton. “Selling out” was kind of a big deal back then.


Brian Regis and Rahm Klampert. Pulled from the Yobeat photo archive.

4. You at one point wished you could ride the Killington half pipe (or you hiked it everyday – and night for the one season it had lights.)

See back then, the average halfpipes topped out at 12 feet and it was actually kinda fun. They were the 90s answer to the rainbow rail. Killington, in particular, had a solid scene of people who almost made it and the week before the Open everyone who was anyone would show up to “train.”


Photo: Sky Chalmers via ESPN

5. You remember when the US Open was a drunken mess, and people actually cared about it.

Oh, and there were no bag checks.


These suckers were guarantee not to break. Your ankles on the other hand…

6. You’ve ridden (or wanted) baseless bindings.

So much better board feel, dude.

8. Peter Line is kinda your hero.

Not only was he good at snowboarding, he had funny board graphics, and he was short enough to not be threatening.


9. You rode a stomp pad before it was ironic.

And if you were riding Clickers, it probably came in handy when they froze, broke, or otherwise failed you mid-run.


10. You had a Mack Dawg sticker pack, in its entirety, on the back window of your car.

It was a pain in the ass to scrape it off every September when the new one came out, but you had to keep that shit fresh, yo.


Told ya, Lifty guys.

11. You’ve been denied access to a chairlift for not having a leash.

So you ingeniously rigged up a shoelace from your boot to binding to trick the lifty. Why anyone thought run-away snowboards might be an issue, we’re still not sure.

12. You thought Shaun Palmer was kind of a bad ass.

Now you know he actually is.


13. You spent hours playing Cool Boarders 2.

But you never touched another snowboard game after Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater came out.

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 11.44.57 AMJim Rippey, big air master. Photo: air-style.com

14. You remember when guys didn’t land 720s every time in contests.

And when they did, they won the contest.


Airwalk ad, circa 1996

15. You owned Airwalk Snowboard Boots

They were a big step up from your Sorels, but that’s not saying much.


Prom ad. Circa 1995

16. Every girl who you knew that rode was sponsored.

Both of them. And Tina Basich was their hero.

17. You either loved, or hated the Garden.

Nothing in between.


18. You can tell the difference between Ten Foot Pole, Pulley, No Use for a Name and Face to Face when you hear them.

Thanks to the music credits at the beginning of every part in videos, you had that shit down.



Sweet pants dude. No idea who this is, it was an ad for something though.

19. You used a studded belt to hold up your absurdly baggy pants.

And weren’t even a little bit ashamed.


20. You claim 93/94 was the best season ever.

Cause it was, duh.

  • That picture above #19 is John Jackson

    • Warren

      Not it is not. It is Mark Deleeuw. Long before John Jackson was around.

    • just sayin

      ANY year on a SNOWBOARD is the best fucking year of your life ….. burn skis stay warm

  • darrellic

    #21 you got drunk with Matt goodwill at The lbs. Back when no one knew the lbs existed

  • Justin’s bong

    This was yobeats best post, id say keep up the good work but we all know the next artical is going to be a review of the doller menu at McDonald’s

  • JP Walker

    Peter is still my hero and I still have an old board with baseless bindings. Skate feel bro!

  • Thefullnelson

    Well Said! The 90s were good times in Snowboarding.

  • Your Momma

    There’s actually only 19, you forgot a #7 homeboy…, :oO

  • Broke, told you people cared about the past. Now put them three suggestions I gave you into action.
    BTW, broke the boat out and it’s ready for you to come wakeboarding on. I got you one of them non stretch ropes you like.

  • LOVE IT! YOU KNOW YOU GREW UP SNOWBOARDING IN THE (early)90S, magazines got delivered to your mailbox and it was the only way you even knew about it. ASR in San Diego was the place to be in Sept for movie premiers. Pagers were hot items. When heading out on trips, you could still smoke on airplanes and would request the “smoking section” on over-seas trips. You were actually pumped to see other snowboarders on the hill…..could make this pertain to the 80’s as well….

  • Mayor from Munchkin Land

    #18 thanks to Mack Dawg and the free CD compilation with every VHS!

  • Rutlandsfinest

    If you rode back east you and/or 5 of your buddies fucked brooke

  • Shaun Bon Jovi

    I can take you to a Saskatchewan ski hill that still requires leashes. Plus, they still rent snowblades.

  • JMB

    #10 – the best. I was just out of driving age but holy shit, my bike and boards were decked out! hahah. Solid.

  • i remember people riding halfpipe had forward angle on their back binding. oh you silly bastards

  • Yes !
    The leash days were the best ! I remember making “fake” leashes that looked like they were attached to you..
    Baseless bindings and Blax boots.. The Cappel girls !
    The Ride cartoon series..
    Dale Rehburg fork through the tongue flick.
    Sean was a little kid.
    Lepore was that 14 year old that we were all jealous of.
    YNC .. Yuki Nemaki Clothing.. denied my first sponsor me video, I still have the letter…

    That just blasted my mind !

  • My local resort lifty wouldn’t let me on the lift this past season because I didn’t have a leash.. Ski Plattekill for life!

  • In the 90’s you couldn’t wait for Fall to come so you could see all the new graphics at your local shop and if you were a good little shop lurker, you got to see catalogs before product came. You actually bought everything from your local shop, at a swap or out of the classifieds section in the newspaper.

    There were no terrible shaky GOpro edits and if you did want to film…You had to use your rich friends parents VHS camcorder, then use 2 VCR’s to edit it and then you actually had to lend out the VHS for others to view it.

  • Jeremy Atkinson

    Hell Yeah the 90’s.

    • Tim O

      Member that HUGE purple bruise on your ASS from the rock butt check, that was 90’s.

  • jp walker

    i got my first pube in the 90’s

  • Matt Gormley

    The YNC in the photo accompanying #19 I believe stands for Yuki Nemaki Clothing. The translation is Japanese for Snow Pajamas… This was during the heyday of snowboarding in Japan, with dudes that were barely sponsored in the US having pro models in Japan (ala Scooter). Good times.

  • Per

    Check on all above, but you missex that you wanted THE Burton Bio-light jacket from 97…

  • Dopeninja

    I remember when dudes where doing 720’s to win contests

  • Warren Currie

    #19 is Mark Deleeuw – from Edmonton, AB, Canada – and the ad is for Yuki Nemaki snowboard pants – a company founded by Kelly Ross – another “old timer”.

  • asortaoldguy

    That pic for 14 is obvs a Rippey Flip, and if you rode through the 90s you’d know that too.

  • Billy Ho


  • Mr. P

    One scottish resort still doesnt let you ride without a leash! Ah, those airwalks were a revolution!! Top of the range.




    Listen to you old fuckers

  • GetWyld

    What the hell happened to getting a stack of stickers when you bought a vhs/dvd? I’m talking to you videograss…

  • poopsticks

    Baseless bindings…check – still have them.
    Peter Line….he’s gay, right?
    Stomp pad…check
    Opening day 2007 Meadows was trying to enforce the leash law….what a joke. Had one in the 90s….
    Shaun Palmer IS bad ass
    Airwalk boots were great…still have them…sit my garage in Portland for when I have packing issues..
    Brooke was sponsored doing girl methods, right?!
    Black studded belt, baggy foursquare cargo pants…
    93/94 was my first year!

  • ben kessler

    I love baseless bindings

  • what

    Whoever photoshopped the picture of the Audi with the MDP stickers should really get familiar with the “warp” tool. That shit works wonders…

  • Boozy The Clown, The US Open at Stratton, Ingemar Backman BS air in Riksgränsen, Jamie Lynn timeless method, every Mack Dawg flicks, the lowbacks, Peter Line corking, Tom Sims legacy, Robotfood, the SIA in Vegas, ISM, Craig Kelly is my copilot, Terje’s domination, john Cardiel in Riders On The Storm, ISF, Burton Brushie trout, Forum 8, punk rock soundtrack in snowboard videos, Barfoot, neon, Snurfers, Ranquet and Roach, The Legendary Baker Banked Slalom, the goddam leash law, Todd Richards, Suicide Six, The Art Of Flight… I’VE LIVED THROUGH THE BEST ERA IN SNOWBOARDING, Period. Can’t take it back!

  • @GCDC

    The 90s

  • jahwoofums

    purple, yellow or red pants with black bull denim on the knees and butt. same color jacket with fake sheepskin lining and bull denim drop tail that touched the back of your knees

    Burton t.decks with zero sidecut and a B that looked like a WuTang logo when you sat down to strap in, if you were regular foot

    Airwalk boots with the carrot on the tongue

    Ballantyne quarts with the puzzle on the cap

    and hell fuck yeah the mack dawg sticker kit

  • Adam Tread N Shred

    Spring Loaded 93 thru 98 & BKVT nough said

  • Adam Tread N Shred

    When all Killington locals had to have a Jaunt fleece

  • Mathalomule

    In The mid 90s Meadows would shut me down for no leash constantly. I feel like they still would

  • upstatemike.

    fucking yes!! so on point.

    i still get psyched whenever i hear “cashing in”.. how about making collages from magazines/catalogs for your wall? using a row of recycling bins as a “box” to 5050 over in your backyard. getting yelled at for dragging a picnic table out to session cause your mountain didn’t have a park. ZINES! when a companies entire line fit on the back of a poster. huddling in my basement watching stomping grounds over and over and over all winter long…and not searching for the newest edit non-stop online. the era where snowboard companies had the best ads ever and didn’t give a shit about pleasing parents or olympic committees.

    @flourcity…exactly! the first cold snap was like a calling to get your ass to the shop to check out the new graphics, buy a new video, and get all the free catalogs/stickers you could get your hands on!

    when no one gave a fuck what kind of snowboard you rode, just that you were riding one.

  • -bob duato-

    16. Every girl who you knew that rode was sponsored.

    Still true

  • Harsh

    JINCO jeans? Chain wallets? Flannels iced up from the mid-back down… good old days.

  • #33

    Thanks for noticing! Are you some kinda internet cop? Am I in shit?

  • Kingfisher

    You lived in a tent on Woody Creek and made the last days of the season even with a fractured tailbone and the flu.

  • Jake

    Mmmm… CAPP3L girls 🙂

  • Jacki

    Building Cat track kickers
    Colored camo pants
    Epic Method airs

  • Mumm-Ra

    Creatures of Habit
    Ballz Jeans
    BS 180 Methods
    TJ Schneider being way better than you at snowboard camp

  • Josh

    Cut down nose and tail with t-bolted bindings

  • ble

    i got second in a big air contest… i did a front one stale and a method.

  • cotton

    having to set your VCR to tape SBTV weekly at 3 AM in the winter. first had to check TV guide to see when it would be on

  • Dr. Teeth

    You read Plow Magazine. You read Blunt Magazine

    The Whiskey Series.

    Lamar/Morrow/Kemper were legit companies

  • Yes

    It was a time where everybody rode because they loved it.

  • Chillanasauros-Rex

    Best article in a while. I’d like to hook up with Brooke..

  • 80sBaby

    Anyone remember the GNU ads about the edgeless tip and tails?

  • SkIan

    I remember “shifties” were a legitimate trick.

  • Shifties are a legit trick

  • Mike Jones

    You know that Craig Kelly is the undisputed best snowboarder of all time.

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  • dc

    when everyone had a rebel attitude and hated skiers for being skiers. Night riding at Brighton resort every Wednesday 2 for 1 coupons for $10 a person.

  • I miss those days. When I could get up from a failed7 and try again no problem. Now if I crash getting off the lift my pride hurts more than my bones. I just wish I had kept my old boatds, man I would love to have them all back. Terje wolf craps brushie,custom 59 turtle, and the retro brushie and about twenty others, oh and a morrow spoon.

  • blee

    Going to Big Sky tomorrow…from Florida these days….Witnessed Keir Dillon at the local park win a contest on an upside boat hull…That’s keeping that shit street and illegal. I know they’ll laugh at my kit(no helmet, baggy pants, Shortys Devun Walsh 158) But I’m still loving it to death…..the socia aspect just makes it better…..

    ….Jugheads Revenge!

  • jaguar

    90’s were the shit for riding. you had to build your won jumps off the crest of large rollers and got transworld magazine in the mail.

  • Sean Dubble you

    Mt. Hood
    Ingmars method
    Jlynns style
    Terje double poke method
    K2 juju
    Did I mention methods?

  • jack timmerman

    MBHC! all that matters
    ( Mt. Baker Hard Core )Washington
    1992 on my Kemper 163, Burton 162

  • Mike

    Ski patrol nazis
    Inversions were gay
    No hi-backs, wide stance, duck foot
    Everything was sick and fat
    Burton was only a snowboard company
    98% of half pipes were hand dug
    Several ski resorts still didn’t allow us