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Closing Time at Brighton. Bryan Watson, Mark Pairitz, Calen Albert, Keith Skyta, Paxon Alexander, James “Chicken Bone” Wilson, Jaromie Nolan, Bobby Vanhouten, Trinity (Titoli) (Annibale E I Cantori Moderni)

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      • whatis@going.on
        [email protected] says:

        Why the fuck are you capitalizing Brighton? What the fuck is going on on this site? Why are all the comments almost nonsensical with random completely capitalized words, and shit like “that’s so pro”?!?!?!?! This shit has been going on for like a year now, and it’s the same shit every post.

    • U A FAG
      U A FAG says:

      yea man ! just do easy shit….gay shit … take it SLOW …don’t get hurt .. play frizbe not hardball … go small not big … JUST DONT DO IT …HAA

    • Rice-hellis cause global warming
      Rice-hellis cause global warming says:

      RIGHT-ON we should all give up on trying …JUST sit at home and watch the x-games ….THOSE GUYS ARE REALLY THE ONLY DUDES THAT CAN RIDE WORTH A SHIT …RIGHT

  1. I bet it was dat one bish
    I bet it was dat one bish says:

    Hey we’re so cool American snowboard pros living dreams and draining hose in hoes *high fives

    • GROW UP
      GROW UP says:

      they want to impress themselves and anybody into watching good SNOWBOARDING …. its called being on point …in the zone ..pro …semi pro .. sponsored …respected …..ASS HOLE …

      • Snuck a semi pro in there
        Snuck a semi pro in there says:

        You’re trailing off.. I can’t hear you.. and was that a niner thrown in there?

        • Snuck a semi pro in there
          Snuck a semi pro in there says:

          I don’t impress any body with my 2 inch dick and 48 inch waist …. SO FUCK U . THATS THE WAY A-HA I LIKE A-HA A-HA

          • like it alloooooooooooot
            like it alloooooooooooot says:

            don’t try kids .. just look up to pros . pat them on the back ..then go pick the gayest line / feature u can find and consider yourself a fucked up loser

    SOO GOOD says:

    BRIGHTON..always puts up the finest edits of the year …EVERY FUCKING YEAR …love that park ,the riders and the VIBE ….

  3. no skiers
    no skiers says:

    BEST snowboard resort in AMERICA …not really for skiers ….ALTA IS CLOSE …go the God dam fuck there .

    • B-Town
      B-Town says:

      Agreed. Brighton is the best snowboard mountain in the states. And as an old-dog I’ve been to most major resorts. The vibe, the set up, the terrain, the riders. There is even a shrine of vintage boards and Craig Kelly tribute in the base lodge.

        GAY THINKING says:

        BRIGHTON is a secret spot….nobody has ever herd of it ..KEEP THE SECRET …

    UTAH IS BEST says:


  5. george 4 panckakes
    george 4 panckakes says:

    YEA shame on you trying to get good and impress …. strive for the lowest goals and never be disappointed

    HOOD GOT SNOW ! says:

    PROS don’t want you to try and be like them [ that’s the fucking last thing they want ] PROS want you to by there vid..board..boots..bindings then sit at home

  7. lemmy
    lemmy says:

    BRIGHTON is a secret … DONT TELL ANYBODY … now that I am there ..nobody else can come … DONT EVER POST any
    Brighton vids. / don’t show the BRIGHTON LOGO ON ANY RAIL /BOX OR I WILL KILL YOU …

    • it---b---good---bra
      it---b---good---bra says:

      BRIGHTON IS a secret spot . they only get 5000 people / day …..shut up kook …we know …and every body knows about,,,how fucking good BRIGHTON IS …

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