@sendfreebeerentertainment – Tahoe

Two days in April in the midst of the best season Tahoe has had in well over a decade. Featuring: Dan Danzberger, Mickey Gardner, Trevor Kekke, Kevin Hair, Woody Wilcox, Chip Snyder and Matt Shaffer

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  1. global warming
    global warming says:

    TAHOE didn’t get any snow ,, bone dry fags ….AND WE FAKED THE MOON LANDING ….ever herd of the drought

  2. Donner Party
    Donner Party says:

    So good to see footage coming out of Tahoe again. That region is pretty fucking special when it’s on.

  3. TRUTH
    TRUTH says:

    global storming .. best time to be a snowboarder is right now .. ” PETE SORIE ” LIB TEC ! TRUE !

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