Holy Bowly Park City with DWD

The Dinos crew getting all #TBT on Friday with a retro Holy Bowly edit. Riders: Ian Keay, Ben Bogart, Jeff Keenan, Corey McDonald, Dylan Trewin, Ben Bilocq, Fredrik Perry & Sean Genovese
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  1. Happy Gilmore
    Happy Gilmore says:

    UTAH is a sweet choice for holy bowly gatherings ….. WAS BETTER BEFORE VAIL DESTROYED PCMR THOUGH

    JAKE BURTON says:

    VAILS goal is to destroy every resort in AMERICA and get rich doing it …. eliminating snowboarding off the face of the earth is there first steep …

  3. Xtreme middle of the roader
    Xtreme middle of the roader says:

    Either steeze some shit out like bradshaw/deadlung/etc or up the carve game Ala yawgoons. You would think holy bowly would be the perect event for this, but inevitably there will be a couple of clips that stand out with the rest being uninspired bullshit.

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