Best Summer Ever 2 – DODGEBALL!


Dodgeball is one of the most anticipated and exciting “off hill” events at camp. Nothing aids in the bonding experience with your coaches and counselors like pelting them in the face with a rubber ball, right? Head shots, calls out and even the mid-game product toss are all par for the course. Toby Witte shows us the ropes of High Cascade dodgeball.

  • tro

    Toby Witte “when I’m not doing whatever else it is I do.”
    you mean molesting children?

  • Rich

    Head shot from speigal? that last kids gotta be knocked out

  • assbury

    sage starin em down

  • ballSACK_dreads

    i was laughing so hard at that last kid after he gets drilled in the face

  • Log

    attention campers: aim for Blake Geis

  • Blake you got murked. #unfollowblakegeis


    These dudes live on Sugar Mountain

  • matt

    they need 10 camera men to film this event every time. then come out with a super edit of every face shot that got dished out this summer.

  • hhmmm…jesse seems to make an appearance in every connor brown edit. interesting.

  • Kind of like that time when they acidently had to spend the night together in San Francisco :/

  • frontLIPS&BACKboards

    in the face!

  • uncle sam

    You have to know the 5 D’s of dodgeball. Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and.. dodge.

  • randy mathews

    its like the hunger games of snowboard camp

  • best clip

    Blake Geis getting out.

  • cab driver

    Toby. Is. The. Man.