Make is Dead. Minnesota shred featuring Danimals, Benny Milam, Nirvana Ortanez, Josh Plekkenpol, Derrek Lever, Craig Cameron, and Jake OE. Film by Jake Durham

  • Ghina Man

    I made it 52 seconds with the sound on.

  • Hyland Ski Patrol

    Everything Durham makes is like a gift from the gods <3


    music …what music ….god dam punks

  • Miami thunder

    Never heard of any of these boarders

    • Tronald Drump

      Do you live in a box?

      • no

        No he’s Miami fuckin Thunder you cock looker

      • u limp and small

        fuck off

  • clintons big mac

    I am the man in the box

  • mackdawg

    Jake OE looking like a fuckin heroin addict