Filmed over the 2014-2016 seasons. Street outta Michigan. Adam Rottschafer, Addison Beeker, Brett Kulas,  Dominic Palarchio, Jack Harris, Joey Niepokoj, Trevor Newman and many more in this full length.

  • Nelson Muntz

    Clips from 2014 aint nobody got time for dat

    • is u dumb

      clips get better with age pal


    hell yea

  • Tommy boy

    I’mm sorryyyy.. soo sorry..

  • left me wanting more in marquette

    “You wont see this online anytime soon”
    Honestly this video did not live up to the hype and was nothing special for a two year project. Snowboarding was alright but he played into the SD aspect too hard and expected it to over shadow the mass of suspect tricks. I liked it, don’t get me wrong, but it let me down.

    • buttchugbill

      Agreed. Very mediocre, whole lotta front ones and simple boardslides and shit. Nothing really sticks out. SD editing shit got played out way too hard


    I liked it but I also hated it . and I hate myself but I hate your comments more

  • my 8 ball is better

    sound track and choice of overlay editing chosen by your lucky 8 ball or what?

  • Miami thunder

    People do wack tricks these days