The Not Snowboarding Podcast EP. 56: Joe Sexton

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Nate and AJ sat down with Joe Sexton during the Parts and Labor trade show in Denver for this episode. “I don’t want to sit on a chairlift for a half hour and go down the hill once. I want to ride a rope tow for an hour and a half and feel like I’ve been there all day.”


    JO is a classic pro big time boss … underated

  • ps

    joes five year plan ” continue to rip fucking awesome and hockey as hard as possible.”

    • Fuck the phelper

      Your joking right?


      Nightmare is the one who ripped FA not Public

  • Jaberjaw

    Wow jed on public would be rad

  • rob

    Such a good convo. So glad they got Joe on here – keep ’em coming guys. Love this podcast.