Lakeridge LDOH – Aint Finna


Final days at Dagmar and Lakeridge. Featuring Daniel Glibota, Cooper Dykeman, Danny Wynn, Brian Anderson, Joel Vachon, Dawson McLachlan, Jordan Sullivan
Song: Post Malone – No Option

  • Clown

    God this music sucks ass. It’s like that song make money. Get. Turnt. Off..

    • great slips

      The iPhone kids haircut probably picked it

  • Bitter butter is punk

    Also y’all could use some style injection. Lap time! Let’s go! .. who are you? Our swim coach? GTFOH

  • Fine line between not looking like an idiot

    And just coming across as a jackass


    fuck that song. Also can’t really tell the difference between the fisheye and long lens. Save your money and buy a good lens.