Virtual – Dome Trash


Step inside a freezer in the Netherlands with Senna van Drunen, Kasper de Zoete, Anthony Indawood, Joshua Pires, Jordi Spa, Reno Langelaar, Quint Kroondijk

  • Spin to win

    And ill… make a man.. out of you.. (read: professional clown)

    • Reel big fish yea!

      Don’t start a band/ nobody wants to hear/ nobody understands/ don’t start a band/ you will sign your life away and then you will be working for the man

  • Did you see mcmorris clown his takeoff

    Mark my words surfing will have a 100 foot wave surfed in the next 24 hours..

  • In all honesty

    Those g’s are probably pretay pretay pretay intense.. cough #wheresshaun

  • The aquabats

    Where! Was! The! Captain! .. WHERE! WAS! THE! CAPTAIN!

  • Water cooler 666

    Carolina beating Duke! GTFOH

  • Forecast partry croudy

    Oh good year foh s-e-c. One team beside Kentucky actuary competitive #goddamnitduke

  • Florida

    Florida too. Im paying super close attention. #marchmadnessisrunbydads #bettingontheirkids

  • Lessons of yore

    Sometimes all it takes is a lurking blood with a chip on its shoulder to take up the mantle.. never underestimate Wisconsin and it’s wealth of snowmobiles parked outside of bars..

  • Too hard

    Bettah luck next yeah aahhhahahahaha

  • thatSDguy

    Reminder that HD footage is awful especially when you have no vig