X Games Real Snow 2017 Videos


The 2017 Real Snow parts are live, and we’ve collected them for you right here. You can head over and vote for your “fan favorite” at Xgames.com

Jesse Paul

Frank Bourgeois

Toni Kerkelä

Justin Fronius

Dylan Thompson

Anto Chamberland

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    • Internet Man
      Internet Man says:

      The number of votes received is directly correlated to the proportion of winch usage and Brisse spots distributed across said video.

      Energy drink logo placement provides an additional +1k votes per logo insert.

      • FRANK
        FRANK says:

        At first I thought this was a contest comment…….

        But no you’re the fucko who gets all pissed off that someone made a Donald Trump reference in their username. Man the fuck up.

    BULIFLEIMI says:

    TONI KERKELA 4 PREZ!!!! REAL SNOWBOARDING, jesse is good too, all those canadians jumping off the roof,,,.lame.. so last year..

    • Hämppi
      Hämppi says:

      Mä näin tonin partin, olin et toi on bulifleim. Tonil on aika hullu tyyli. Tuntuu hyvält olla tääl.

  2. i humbly disagree
    i humbly disagree says:

    frank for the win. give toni some money. anto chamberlands handplant!? fronius’ ender!?! is that the think thank spot btw? that spot is done. all these guys killed it. also, i think there should be another contest for regular riders where someone says they’ll do unspeakable things to your family if you dont match a trick from one of these parts

    • Internet Man
      Internet Man says:

      Yeah Toni got dropped on account of injury. This is really fucking dumb. These guys almost die trying to film a part for a video contest and they get dropped from their main sponsor on account of injury like 2 weeks later? Riley Nickerson also getting dropped from Rome because he broke his leg on a massive c rail? Where is the loyalty? I’d expect that shit from Burton with the Knowbuddy squad but I expected more from a “smaller” company who has been backing these dudes for years. I guess they are looking for more jumpers and contest kids to pad their rosters. Who gives a fuck about loyalty… I guess Salomon will be pretty stacked now though

      Let’s not even start talking about Dylan getting kicked off Technine…. fuckin soy sauce mother fuckers.

  3. fanboy696969
    fanboy696969 says:

    jedi pauls goin phull phuckin aussie bustin down the fence mate reminds me of the north shore in da 70s

  4. Jalapeño
    Jalapeño says:

    No jumper is for faggots adam22 is the biggest douche on the plant, he makes mike the situation look like Bill Clinton wait what?

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