Bachelor Party 2017 Chapter Two: Dendrite Delight


Mt. Bachelor as shredded by Jonny Sischo, Gus Warbington, Willis Grigsby, Teddy Shine, Randal Seaton, Justin Norman, Gus Warbington, Jared Elston, Will Dennis, and Andrew Pace

  • Storm Stella

    This is incredible, one of my favorite edits so far. What snowboarding is really about

    • Morpheus

      What if I were to tell you that you can never really tell what something is about.. Entire infrastructures created by your brain. Neuro transmitters telling you when to go, what to feel, how to breathe..

      • Sean

        well the chemical signals in my brain are telling me to inform you that some edits truly represent the essence of snowboarding better than others and this was one of them. It had its weak spots aka the same fucking rail tricks that are in literally every single snowboard edit that gets posted everyday. But it also had boarding, filming and music that is awe inspiring and reminds me of what initially lured me in to snowboarding. Maybe some people understand there is some broad concept of what snowboarding is all about and you just don’t?

  • Blue Lazer


  • Pando Commando

    Jonny Sischo you are my hero