Put It in the Bowl Vid


The Bowl boys do Kamloops, BC. Featuring Geremy Guido, Bryce Bugera, Teilhard Volk, Aiden Hryciw, Tommy Van, Mathew Wonbon & Kyle Palamar.
Liam Hall
Additional Filming
Corey Kowalski
Johan Rosén

  • basshole

    dread guy wanna be mark goodall so bad

  • fonDUH


  • SUCKolowski

    “I think I know what these losers are putting in their “bowl” ” -JP Sokolowski

  • DADswag

    That was really sick

  • Slammy Davis Jr.

    It’s always good to have a good solid 2 minutes on slams.

  • Tommy Vangina

    Watching my own tricks makes me wet.

  • Fondumper

    Took a fat dookie in the bowl.

  • Teilhand fuck

    I be crankin down to this shit.

  • Geremy gWEEDo

    Anyone wanna blaze?

  • Nasty Slugz

    This video rules!!!!

    • trooooph

      yaaa. take notes you could use em

  • Bruce Bugatti

    Bluntz, followed up with duh pretzelz. Got duh Munchies.

  • Weed

    gWEEDo for Prime Minister!