What’s Hummus?


It’s a dip / spread made from chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, etc. Oh, also a crew from the Steamboat Springs, CO area.

  • Superb

    Les riders, wi? Fantastic, no?

  • Pita Chips

    +1 for song choice

    Good to see some Steamboat stoke

  • DADSwag

    it’s a fucking mixture of guacamole and peanut butter. Everybody knows that



  • notevenjewish

    We all know what hummus is you dipshit

  • basshole

    there was a vertical iphone clip within the first 30 seconds. invalid.


    fuck hummas ass holes

  • Enya

    May it beeeee an evening stormmmm shines downnn upon youuuuu..

  • We see ur gram

    May it be an evening storm that shines down upon Jeff holce.. Dude could use the uv protection.. actually hes pretty shiny already so if a storm were to add its’ shine to his shine, well then got damn i just might believe in miracles..