Turdlord Extended Cut [Offer Hope Promo]


Coming this fall, Offer Hope from Turdlord.

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  1. Like I'm super serial guys
    Like I'm super serial guys says:

    It was so bad that I was like did someone pull a fight Club and edit in the matrixxx cum reloaded edition. I did have a laugh when trinity and neo were caught tongue tusslin in front of the poor people. Serves em right imo. The only non retahded pahts in the whole movie are the pahts with guns, the agents, and the Oracle.

  2. Jared Finkler
    Jared Finkler says:

    Pretty good, but not as good as a Mike RAV tornado spin edit at Btown, now that’s what gets me to 12.

  3. Offer eye contact
    Offer eye contact says:

    Appreciate the spots. The amount of eye contact after landing was a bit excessive. Imagine a girl beaming at you like that during sex, but only after you come. That quirky grin…

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