Zack Normandin’s Valentines Day


Zack’s been on a web series mission this season taking your inside what drives his snowboarding. His latest video takes you hiking Mt. Washington, and to some street spots in Massachusetts. It’s a love story. Check out more of his series over on vimeo.

  • is he ever gonna do more than three tricks in one of these videos?


    dudes a boss

  • Dunno exactly what he means by lack of snow, New Hampshire has had an awesome February. Must be from awhile back.

  • Internet Man

    Documentary is a cool idea if there is actually some substance to it. Idk about this….. seems like he could have shot this over a weekend

  • this is just snowboarding, who gives a fuck… hmu when u skate

  • always the kid to beat back at competitions at Nashoba. props to see him make it this far