Valley Boys Episode 1


Valley Boys Paul Buck, Kyle Keehn, Dustin Hogan, John Hilliard, Jake Zeihen, Kyle Moldenhauer , Tyler Eisenhauer, Brian Scherer, Justin Whatley

Film/Edit : Matt Pearson

  • Mr. Trump

    These kids are making snowboarding great again!

  • guch

    URBAN BOYS ….real riding

  • JAKE

    holly shit ….music that dosnt make me want to throw my laptop off a 300 story building …nice

  • Kilothacrustmasta

    I think I heard about these thrashers

  • Youforgothisname

    Don’t forget Hunter Courtney

    • Keith Duck

      ^This guy knows what’s up

  • Keith Duck

    Hunter Courtney is present in this video; Raging Buffalo couldn’t be prouder of him and more disappointed in the jackass that can’t include a Buff OG’s name to the list of rippers featured.

  • average

    riding was just ok and the music severely sux .

  • Scrotty McBoogerballs


  • That was awful

  • your not so virgin mother

    song has definetily been used, and I think I saw a self shot with the gopro stuck in the snow to film himself lol

    • Know it all

      yawgoons 14

  • zyzz

    im about to inject 300 mg of tren in my ass brahs. Its a revolution brahs and im a sickunt

  • squares

    vailmot looks sick, ditch the 5 with the bullshit grab and this is a decent edit.