100 Rounds


Big White park with Nasty Slugz Thomas Whittaker, Tom Honey, Jonah Marvin, Brett Koroscil, Kylan Verhaeghe, Pat Hrvinak and Kinsley Pearen
Filmed and edited by: Kinsley Pearen

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    shit music

  • duh

    thomas killed it!



  • bitvh

    riding got progressively worse as the video went on

  • professional comment writer

    Hey this is not very good but that’s okay you can get better. Try not having the same trick twice from different riders and especially not on the same feature. Also try to mess with the colors less. Also use less transitions. Also change the name nobody likes slugs. Also be more like put it in the bowl those guys rock!!!!

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    Fuck the slugs

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  • Betic.One.

    Same fucking tricks over and over..No creativity..Especially the shit rap..Wish I had two more hands so I could give that video four thumbs down!!